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Something to block out sound of neighbours voice!

Posted: 30/06/2013 at 21:27

KEF I hope your not siding with those 'orrible neighbours who couldnt give a blinking stuff about the noise they gabble on at. Yes, there are two sides to every story ( as the great PCollins once said ) but I don't want to have to listen to their side of the story..what they earn, where they are going, whose coming around etc etc People should respect others privacy. A few parties here and there no problem but every time someone heads into the garden they should be aware of their own annoying voices.

Echo however what youve also said, in that not a lot more advice can be said on the matter. You have crud neighbours- do what i did and move! and then hope/prey you get lucky next time around!!

Something to block out sound of neighbours voice!

Posted: 30/06/2013 at 20:36

lol at this one. I had neighbours so bad, 4 dogs, threats as well as the noise - aka music left on when they werent even in!! we were basically 'forced' to move - at a cost to ourselves. That was a semi-detatched. We paid extra for a run-down detached right now.

(A) Dont let the neighbours know how annoying/noisy there are ( unless you think they are 'resonable' in our situation..things get totally out of hand.

We currently have decent neighbours but, like you, we have a couple who just have loud annoying voices..even the whistle he does grates!..Now..this is nothing like our last lot so to be honest..we can live with it. Saying that, have erected a fence, put sleepers up as high as i can go, with some bricks up halfway. I am growing evergreen shrubs including loads of bamboo. I have also double thickened our fence ( makes no difference mind you! ), and dug in a years or so time perhaps everything will grow and at the very least..out of sight out of mind.

I totally get where your coming from. I love my garden, plants and flowers..other neighbours dont give a stuff about there but come out and chat away. I know it sounds..lame..for want of a better word, and i know i dont live in the country..i wish i did, but i too would just love to come into my garden and potter away and hear nothing but wind and birdsong.

I actually perfer the drizzlier days..means 'they' arnt in their garden!!

I am considering a small water feature however just to aid a little of my own noise. Other than has been said, a double thick, high brick wall...costing gowd knows!! and fast growing dense shurbs/bamboo is basically your only solution.

Greenhouse - out of shape - photos..

Posted: 19/06/2013 at 17:11

THANKS for all the replies...'fins' sticking up?? any answers to that one please let me know.

Its all greek to me..honest the instructions were dreadful..but obviously im at fault. I did swop things about when i realised things werent fitting ...tried my best.

Welcome any other thoughts..perhaps i will re-take some photos and repost perhaps.

THANKS again for replies and bothering to take trouble to look.

Greenhouse - out of shape - photos..

Posted: 19/06/2013 at 11:16

Thanks Andy...guessing that myself. So..whats the solution to this? The base was..level..on both sides..cant i strength it..straight it?

Greenhouse - out of shape - photos..

Posted: 18/06/2013 at 22:13

Further to my earlier threads re my 'slightly mishaped' greenhouse.

I have posted photos - uploading on here does not appear to work - i have therefore put them onto youtube. I never done this appologies but appears to work ok. I will delete them off youtube in a day or two depending on replies.

You will have to pause the photos perhaps. But essentially, my questions are..

- The bent roof strip is quite apparent on a few photos. Thoughts welcome as to why. Certaintly a couple of panes of glass didnt line up..but got them in.

Its a 6 x 10ft aluminum greenhouse, Eden, bought from Argos, with toughened safety glass, 3mm thick.

- You cant tell from the guttering shots or side shots but the greenhouse is bent..looking down the line of the guttering and you cant really see the other is bowed. Both sides.

- The back of the greenhouse - all ok - but..seems..slight..lets say..a little..'thin'..i mean..literally just 3 panes of glass stacked up on one another. Am i missing something. Done something wrong? Connecting it?

Looks, feel strong enough to touch, i think. The door was off a little..i'd say not totally square..but why the rood sags a little? and the off-sides?

- Finally...i zoomed up/paused on some holes in the side frame. About 3 of them either side. What are they for?

I have no spare pieces etc.

On the 4th photo...see the roof joints...they dont come right down etc..that ok?

THANKS for your time/trouble.



Posted: 18/06/2013 at 21:15

I have just dug in - in eron. soil two blueberry plants, raspberry and i have a growing blackberry.

I threw in some nice manure, sand/pebbles for drainage /  seaweed power / fish,blood n bone / blood /  potash and covered up with a nice mulch.

I wait and I wonder if anything materialises.

Monkey tree

Posted: 18/06/2013 at 21:12

I have a ickle monkey tree which i know will take..10 and more years before it grows to any decent height..just any thoughts on whats best for monkey trees.

I have fish,bone, blood, seaweed, potash..the works...i have manure..happy to throw it all at it..will it do any harm? Or a simply compost - organic - be enough to keep it happy n healthy?

Any tips?

Greenhouse erection is up..but will it stay up??

Posted: 18/06/2013 at 13:07

Topbird, just to mentioned..I have to say..the structure is solid..wouldnt say wobbly now at all...But always thought the back of the greenhouse cant think of the term...Light perhaps...not much too it.. the sides, front strong/solid..but the back ..well bare in mind there are 3 panes of glass on top of each other...nothing much going on re the back is there..whereas the sides have two panes and then then angle for the roof...the back is tall..and light with only 3 panes.

Thats what i meant. Structure itself does..appear solid..but bowed at sides slightly ..if you look down the guttering you can see the bow..quite apparent actually..can only just see the other end of the gutter. And the roof is dipped slightly..again, hope to take photos.

Thanks for your reply.

Greenhouse erection is up..but will it stay up??

Posted: 18/06/2013 at 13:02

Thanks Bookertoo for your frank reply. Yes, i too dont like a structure to be bowing at the sides and on top..not a great sign.

However, it is aluminum frame and it is toughened safety glass - still only 3mm thick however. I have no pieces left over, and although there are a few places with 'holes' in the aluminum strips I noticed but assuming thats just for..well i dont know what they would be for but certainly i think i did it all correct..everything fits and in it's right place.

The base is level ( 99% at least and square..again was at least until i started putting up the structure ). Its cemented in etc.

I never liked the 12 wee clips the structure is attached to the base with. It could slide around..and until most of the glass went in..i could easily slide it around. But seems..weighter now.

Two panes of glass in the roof were in there was a larger gap when is in, and made secure. The only other thing was the door..a fact i totally blame the instructions..dreadful. But the door, although now in and slides/rolls etc   certainly was a good cm shorter..hence had to compensate slightly.

How can i upload photos on here? Ive tried..and wont work. Would love to show you - to see if the supported are in the right places etc?

Any thoughts? I isnt square period. It is ..slightly..out at the sides and on top. Not a massive amount..but im not being picky certainly bows. This is a 6ft x 10ft structure btw - again..with toughened glass.

I will upload some photos tonight on youtube...and then send the link. Will get some close up shots. Opinions, thoughts..more than welcome.

Thanks. In the meantime..any ideas perhaps on where i have gone wrong. Its an Eden greenhouse, purchased from Argos. £250 ish but then double that for the blasted glass ( better safe than sorry with kids around )


Greenhouse interior design..

Posted: 17/06/2013 at 23:34

Im certain its been asked before..

How to lay out your greenhouse.

Do you put pebbles on one side? Down side - all the soil getting inbetween. Good side..spray with water on a hot day and creates a misty atmos.

Soil on one side, two thin double tables..a higher shelf?

Pave the ground? tiles it? I just am not sure. I plan to make a bench out of treated wood..assuming the heat wont warp the wood? Just the flooring..cement at the moment..and not nice to look at.

Any photos of yours?

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