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Best method for a hedgerow in tarmac.

Posted: 25/04/2013 at 17:45

Thanks for the feedback, re air in soil and Hornbeam. Hadnt considered that. You really think thats a good all-year round hedge? Not one of those that turn brown leaves in winter..which ive seen a lot of recently.

No - to hell with it ( believe I have stuck fences up and paid the cost all sides and back ) ..I will however dig more of a trench and get stuck in..i dont mind a little hard labour..their is concrete at various points owning to past trench inbetween these..and with a little luck...

Thanks again. Any more advice re a nice hedge please share. Again, the one I was tempted by..due to the very common, large light green leaf see it everywhere..seems hardy, fast growing..perhaps..i could stick inbetween Hornbeam? Thoughts?  Or maybe that yellow type with green of them in between every other hedge.

Best method for a hedgerow in tarmac.

Posted: 25/04/2013 at 12:22

As usual left to muggins here to sort out yet another blown down fence in the garden. This time however it is actually my side - so no choice. Now, i was tempted to put up a fence...but the thought ( and major expense ) of digging in tarmac/concrete/pulling up existing loose posts etc... to plant a done with question is..

I have tarmac, scratch the surface and there is..clay...Now...can I simply..dig a hole ( nothing too special/big )..throw in rotted manure perhaps..bonemeal..the usual...compost..and bang in a hedge..a foot/half each time?

Or..a better way of doing this..well..when i say better..i think thats the easist way..just asking..will a hedge clay..I mean..should I perhaps link the holes I dig ( about 15 of them up side of house )...any need to do..a trench..or will a single hole for a plant do the job?

Thoughts welcome. Thinking of the common..large leaf light green type...very common..but cheap n cheerful. Again, thoughts / ideas to tart it up MORE THAN WELCOME.

..and if the neighbour dont like it..let them pay for a fence!!


Greenhouse base bolted to a wall??

Posted: 20/04/2013 at 01:55

Thanks once more for the reply.

I have been phoning around re bricks for sale..not much joy im afraid. Due to cost and transport..breezeblocks will have too be - appreciate what you mentioned - i am no builder but realise breezeblocks crumble.

I was thinking..always a worry when i do that!..two breezeblocks high ( flat ways lying ) and then 1 layer of bricks above. Now..this wont be pretty!..but perhaps more secure.

I dont know..perhaps just breezeblocks and drill in the middle. Afterall only today i walked past a newly erected greenhouse and noticed that not only did it look like it lent to the left..but the chap had mounted it on a slight sloping garden with some short sleepers literally thrown on the ground! - even i know sleepers swell ( i have some ) me..i have a cement base already, part hidden by a garage cement a couple of breezeblocks and then the very least its better than the one i saw today!

Greenhouse arrives Wednesday!! woohooo!!

Greenhouse base bolted to a wall??

Posted: 16/04/2013 at 14:18

Dragging this out ..hopefully will get a further responce from some kind soul..

Bricks too breezeblock is the way to go. SO - standing on edge - longways ( Instead of sitting flat )..i think just the one height would be enough..but a double thick wall.

SO - ...would that suffice? How'd I drill into the edge of the breezeblock - without it smashing - and attaching the Base of greenhouse?

A double thick wall of breezeblocks - 1 high - anything worthwhile putting inbetween the breezeblocks? These roof ties..still getting my head around??

Greenhouse base bolted to a wall??

Posted: 13/04/2013 at 19:18

I have tried to familarise myself with these roof ties...I was thinking How am I going to drill into a newly built short wall without dislodging the bricks esp the corners! and also, the bricks im looking ones naturally!..have 3 holes in them..standard type..SO - any thoughts?

Or, are these roof ties the answer..and i connect base of greenhouse to them perhaps? At a loss.

But I am determined to press again, once greenhouse arrives and I can measure up perferctly ( im no builder mind you!! ) but yes..I will take photos - as all a learning expericance isnt it.

But, others thoughts more than welcome on this.

I was tempted to build the outer wall in brick and inner wall in breezeblock..saving cost..painting the innerside...but i type..No - I love the look of a brick wall inside a greenhouse! As you can see im at a crossroad..and the thought on the door extension etc ..who knows!! but im determined NOT to have a step in/out!!

Anyway, yes, any thoughts on best way to secure this Base of greenhouse to the wall? Or do i simply secure using these roof ties then?

Greenhouse base bolted to a wall??

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 20:11

Thanks for keeping this topic alive..i am surprised that ive yet to see others greenhouse on bricks photos - am i the only one who wants to do this!!

Well, Ansellia - i dont want the step up and step down scenerio..quite how Im going to extend the door etc..i havent a doubt will part with a few extra pounds in order to get it right - usually the way!

Although a new member, once my greenhouse is up n running i no doubt will become a regular on here - asking the questions..for a start..what best to keep your greenhouse warm - cheapest option of course!

Once my greenhouse arrives, I will make a start and take photos of course. In my head I have it al planned in practice..not a clue. However, this weekend is a busy one - i have 27 shurbs to plant somewhere in my garden ( i got them for £2.50 a pop!! including an Acer ( looks dead admittely ). Always a good feeling getting plants at a fraction of the price. And even Homebase ( not the cheapest!! ) was handing out sand/pepples bags for only £1 a go!! bargin!! find cheap bricks!!

Greenhouse base bolted to a wall??

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 12:24

THANKS for the advice, glad to read theres already holes in the base for concrete/brick.

YES..extra expence, and work..but i think worth it in the end..long term don't you.

Will look at that link ( when not in work! on lunchhour ) thanks.

Thanks Figrat for taking the trouble to poke around on site on my behalf.

Whilst im at it  - the brick layer was thinking about...simply..two brick layer..side by side...simple as that..and ideally secure the base/structure in the middle of the the brick. Again, im no bricklayer but hopefully its straightforward enough...i wonder if i need to put those 'ties'..between the hold wall together..


Once done...i will take photos..before it collaspes.

Greenhouse base bolted to a wall??

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 09:52

BIRDY13 - reading again your reply ( and appreciate yours is not on a wall ) but any photos of how you secured yours? just hard to understand via reading it/imagining it. Keen to secure this properly.

Greenhouse base bolted to a wall??

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 09:21

Thank you for the repies. As for design of the greenhouse...its nothing special ( although had to pay extra for safety glass - kids! )...a standard 6ft x 10ft aluminum greenhouse with one slides door.

My main Question is, the BASE....shall i use the base..and secure it onto the brickwork. Or throw the base away kinda thing.

Aware of the sliding door problem...a fiddly thing to sort out nothing more hopefully.

Yes - wanted more height..and also this extra warmth thang..bricks maintaining a little warmth..and to be honest...the look of it. Always liked a greenhouse on bricks..although using a base..may take look away.

Any photos you have yourselves ? been checking on internet and surprisingly found little esp on youtube...thought there would be more How To guids on there. But nothing really.

I have a concreate base right now. All i was going to do was, get a load of bricks, only about 5 high, two rows ( will look at that sugestion of what to put between the walls )...and SIMPLY SECURE the BASE..and/or THE ALUMINUM FRAMWORK onto it with..RAW BOLTS - perhaps? no builder..but happy to take time and a spirit level and give it a go..but i need to know if im making mistake doing it?

Greenhouse base bolted to a wall??

Posted: 11/04/2013 at 19:37

In the desperate hope I'll get an answer..ideally from someone with a greenhouse.

Can I simply put/bolt a greenhouse + the base onto a small brick wall.

I've seen greenhouses, mine is yet to arrive, i know that..perhaps...the base may look..odd? fitted onto a brickwall..and perhaps best not use the base???? you tell me? But purely from the pov that the base may make it more secure...

What'd you all think? Those in the know...   Would it be ok to literally bolt the base onto a brick wall ( say 5  bricks high..double row ) and am i asking for trouble?

Aware of the problem with the sliding door...but worst case scenerio is I alter the slider..somehow. if anyone else has done it - with the base.

THANKS for any advice given.

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