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late start,more advice please!!

Posted: 07/03/2013 at 10:25

thank you all

the tarmac is heavy grade,2-3'' stone,im borrowing a pick axe to find out what depth it is to see if  i should abandon it this year and just cut the beds out and clear the tarmac base beneath not sure of the drainage,its had a hedge of leylandii trees growing along it up until now,iv just had permission to kill them off so i wont know yet as the trees would have taken a lot of the water id have thought.

i was planning to grow a variety of potatoes in builders dumpy bags,with the sides rolled down and justkeep rolling them up everytime i earth up using a mixture of soil grow bags and the green waste from my kitchen and digging the it back into my beds the following season?

iv got plenty of black polythene,i can leave the muck to rot down,iwont be popular with the neighbours mind!!

late start,more advice please!!

Posted: 06/03/2013 at 21:08

hi all,more advice please.

i live on an old air field,iv got a good south facing patch im turning over for veg.

i broke the turf last night to find that half way up my lawn the soil is only five inches deep and laid over the old tarmac runway,the other half is fine and so far iv cut one bed and dug the turf in so as im so late starting what should i focus on first crop wise?

in 3 weeks time i will have acsess to as much fresh chicken manure as i want,it may smell a bit ripe but at least it will bulk out the top end of my garden and breathe some life into the ground for the autumn?

firstly what will grow well in the shallow soil?

i should have 4 maybe 5 beds cut out by the end of the week,what should i be looking to put in them to get started? and im assuming fresh manure will do as i havnt got time to let it rot?

any advice is welcome


pruning leylandii now the spring is here?

Posted: 02/03/2013 at 11:10

i work on a chicken farm so the soil will be great i do know that the south facing lawn was used for veg a year or so ago and was returfed last year so it has had a rest,and i only moved in in january so im not sure if any of the back garden gets direct light no techie and cant seem to upload pics but the lawns are around 20' long by 45-50' wide.

i know that there are varigated plants and a few flowers that arehappyin the shade but will i be able to grow any veg in the north facing oneif i can get a couple of hrs of morning and evening sunlight into it?


pruning leylandii now the spring is here?

Posted: 28/02/2013 at 20:19

i cant take them down to posts,which is what id ideally like to do and use the trunks as posts for a pallet fence but its a tied house with my job,iv cut the front right back to the trunks on the inside so its a very severe pruning,and id hope to do the same on the east and west hedges so i can get morning and evening light,some of the side hedge has already died due to a previous tenant lopping the tops off hence my being a bit dubious about giving them a hard prune.

im leaving all the growth on the outside though,hoping that it will help.

is there any type of veg that does well in partial light that i could try in the north facing back garden?

thanks for all your advice so far

pruning leylandii now the spring is here?

Posted: 28/02/2013 at 17:57

hi,iv just moved into a new place that has a relatively small garden,south facing front garden i intend to grow veg in and a north facing back garden that is very unlikley to get any direct sunlight.

there is a 12' leylandii hedge all around the building,iv cut the front down to 5' a week or so ago and want the east and west sides down to the same hieght as well to allow what light i can into my dreary north facing back garden so i can grow something there.

what is the best way to seal up the trees when iv cut them,will pitch do the job?

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late start,more advice please!!

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