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What happens when I'm at work!

Posted: 23/06/2014 at 11:49

Ohh Ryan I really feel for you, best get shopping, nothing like a bit of retail therapy .

Being disabled does not mean incapable

Posted: 21/06/2014 at 15:20

Hi Chris, I live in an apartment and the lady below us in the basement flat is in a wheelchair. The have a huge garden and she has done a lovely job with loads of pots and raised beds. When they moved in they had a large patio built and as the garden is slightly raised they had a gradual sloping path built so that she could get up into the garden. They have professional gardeners come in to do the rockery and lawns as she cant manage those. Her flat looks onto our garden, and years ago, I said what would you like to see, she said lots of flowers, that got me into gardening and propagating, so I can thank her for  that!!

Stuck in doors at work at the moment and looking forward to 5pm when I get get home and get outside ! Have a nice weekend

Rose aid please

Posted: 20/06/2014 at 14:49

Hi all, I know there are some superb rose experts on this forum so I hope you can help or tell me where I have gone wrong. Dearest hubby bought me 2 ramblers ( a Rambling Rector and Wedding Days plus a climber (dont know the species) to go over some arches, this was 2 yrs ago. I planted them in Sept 1st yr and trimmed back the Rector as it had a few dead bits. The ramblers flowered last summer but the climber didnt. I have let them put on some growth and not cut them back much (except for the suckers)as I wanted them to cover the arches. There have only been a few flowers on any of them this year, they have been manured and given some blood, fish and bone.

Any clues, we have a shady garden and clay soil.

ID please?

Posted: 20/06/2014 at 14:39

Something ate mine, such a shame I love these plants

runner beans

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 16:59

try netting next time

Bark coverage

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 12:58

ore these 2


What to do with rhubarb?

Posted: 17/06/2014 at 09:51

I found a rhubarb plant in my allotment. Its anybodys guess how old it is, but the leaves were mottled and yellowing so I have pulled these off and mulched it with rotten manure. Is it best to dig it up and divide it and give it a new home or just leave it be?

suggestions please

What to do with rhubarb?

Posted: 16/06/2014 at 14:19

Dove, i am going on your diet lol


Dovefromabove wrote (see)

   - I cook several of these each year.  If you eat it standing up it's not fattening!!! 




Those lovely 'perenial' foxgloves being touted

Posted: 13/06/2014 at 14:31

didnt know they were easy to divide, when is the best time? These are mine grown 2 yrs running from seed


Fatsia japonica

Posted: 12/06/2014 at 12:25

Hi Alistair, I have successfully grown Fatsia from heel cuttings, I just pull off the small leaves and stem that grow at the top of the mother plant and put them in a pot of compost. I have grown on some really big plants that way. I keep them potted up and put them in shady areas of the garden. good luck

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