London (change)


About me:I am currently studing Level 3 advanced cert. Garden hort. and Garden design.I used to teach gardening to ex-cons,and those on parole,plus longtern unemployed. I also studied archaeolgy at uni. I love gardening and want to get back into it full-time. I am trying to make my garden wildlife -friendly more than it is at the moment. Although there are usually masses of bees,hoverflies,butterflies/moths,in thye garden Also I must not forget the lovely birds-the Bluetits,Great Tits,Coal Tits.magpies,Blackbirds,Wrens,etc. I would dearly love to see Chafffinches here,and Goldfinches.Although i DO HAVE FIVE CATS THEYE GENERALLY DO NOT BOTHER THE BIRDS,UNLESS THEY SEE THE pIGEONS,THEN THAT IS ANOTHER MATTER,ENTIRELY!!
more coming soon...