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Posted: 30/03/2013 at 15:09

You wouldn't want your garden to fall into the wrong hands, Geoff. They would probably cover it all over with concrete and dodgy statues....

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Posted: 30/03/2013 at 11:23

Morning, Forkers.

Bought a punnet of broad bean plants this morning which were on sale at the Home for the Bewildered where I buy my eggs. Beans I planted late last year have not come up, so I have taken the easy route!

Still very cold here although it is sunny on and off. I think I shall put off going to the allotment until tomorrow. Raised beds have not arrived yet.

I have been lazy this year and did not make any buns, but bought a couple from the baker in Trumpton this morning.

Fork Handles

Posted: 29/03/2013 at 21:33

Their insurance premiums must be astronomical!

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Posted: 29/03/2013 at 21:24

Didn't the Rovers get torched? I don't have a telly but I do hear stuff......

Seems to me that any pub in a soap has to be burned down at regular intervals - it's the law, innit?

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Posted: 29/03/2013 at 20:40

I did have a bit of goss on the neighbour front. Apparently, my downstairs neighbour (who I am certain is the one who is complaining) complained verbally to two of the blokes who live here about them making noise when they come home from the pub. Now, I go to the same pub (just over the road) and I know that the very latest they leave is 10 o'clock and it is usually earlier. I heard this from the pub landlady, who knew how upset I was and who knows that I go home by 7:30 latest.

So, I think that this hs been confused in somebody's mind with my washing machine being on 'late'. The chaps only say goodnight and there may be a door banged, but sounds are amplified in the courtyard of the flats, and one of them lives next door to moany woman.

I have written another letter to HA pointing this out (not mentioning pub!) and suggesting that some people are trying to dictate others' lives and that we are all adults here who should be able to stay out after 10pm!

Sorry - that's a bit of a long post, but it was a load off my mind when I heard the goss.

Fork Handles

Posted: 29/03/2013 at 20:00

I'm a bit of a quiet person usually, Bunny.

Been inspired by you lot to make a fish pie - one of my very favourite yummy things. And I found prawns and mussels on the yellow sticker shelf in Tesco today so it will be a posh one.

Glass of wine, anybody?

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Posted: 29/03/2013 at 19:46

Evening, Forkers.

Sorry I haven't been posting for a week or so. I have been reading your posts, but didn't feel I had anything to say.

I've been shopping! Got new laptop and finally managed to sync my Firefox browser with all the settings and bookmarks from the old one. Second pair of old lady shoes arrived from Hotter. Ordered two more raised beds from Linkabord. Bought six bags of compost from Kelways GC (I live about 200 yards away) today to fill them.If you like peonies do look at Kelways' website - they are famous for them.

I see they have 70litre bags of compost in Asda for £4 each, but I don't know what the quality is. Mine were £12 for 3x50litre, but I know I could go back and moan if they are rubbish.

[takes breath]

I hope all the lurgified are on the mend. This cold air isn't doing much for my lungs....... We had snow here on Wednesday evening, which is a bit of a rarity. And I had been thinking of going to the allotment - pah!

Fork Handles

Posted: 23/03/2013 at 22:49

So jealous of you lot with proper fires.

On the other hand, my flat was brand new when I moved in June 2011 so it is very well insulated etc. In fact, the colder the weather, the warmer my flat gets as it is on the first floor of a three storey block, and most of the other inhabitants crank their heating up as soon as their slippers get cold. This is for people over 55, so quite a few of them are retired.

[Sits on hands about curtain twitching busybodies]

Fork Handles

Posted: 23/03/2013 at 22:05

Like this?


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Posted: 23/03/2013 at 21:54

I should be developing duck feet living around here!

Trying to interpret destuction manual for the new camera.....maybe I should leave it until tomorrow. I have finally managed to set the time and date. Taken a pic of my living room. Tomorrow is another day......

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