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Killing Ivy in a Hedge

Posted: 29/08/2013 at 13:02

I used to use "Ivy Killer Gel", which was once produced by Growing Sucess Organics Ltd, and can verify its effectiveness.
However, as the Wikipedia description for Ammonium sulphamate makes clear: "The pesticides review by the European Union led to based herbicides containing ammonium sulfamate becoming unlicensed, and therefore effectively banned, from 2008. This situation arose as the Irish Rapporteur refused to review the data supplied unless it contained details of animal testing on dogs. As there was already substantial animal data within the package supplied the data pack holder felt further tests without substantiation would cause unnecessary animal suffering. Its licence was not withdrawn on grounds of safety or efficacy."
So the irony is that although it is still possible to buy ammonium sulphamate for use as a composting accelerant, it has been illegal to use it as a herbicide in the EU since 22nd May 2008.

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