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Begonias and Pelargoniums (geraniums)

Posted: 02/09/2012 at 13:52

how do you know if they are the tuber type? I bought some beautiful begonias in pots this year and just assumed I could over-winter them

if they're not tubers I wont bother - but how do you tell?

window boxes are a wash out this year

Posted: 11/08/2012 at 15:04

As I wrote on my first posting of the thread  - we are happily moaning 

Read the thread again and you'll realise its mostly jokey constructive comments about the down side of gardening which EVERYONE experiences

you have been fortunate to have had a typical English summer

where we live we have had months of record breaking cold wet weather

that's what the thread is about



window boxes are a wash out this year

Posted: 11/08/2012 at 13:51

I have to say things are getting worse! I've just been out on my balcony - most of the annuals have given up struggling and started dying

 there are still plants out there which have yet to produce their first flowers

The marigolds by my front door are a positive eyesore - I'm mean its not even as tho they are looking a bit sorry for themselves  - both boxes just look like a few dying weeds - my postman must go past and think "whats he put that there for?"

 Usually I spend the summer looking at my flowers and going "aaaahhh"

this year I look and go "ugh"

 I think I'll admit defeat and put the lot in the bin - just to make it tidy to sit out there

window boxes are a wash out this year

Posted: 08/08/2012 at 19:45

wow Pam beautiful pictures! They look fantastic - I won't bother putting pictures of my window boxes on now I've seen yours - fantastic

like you Kate was looking at packets of seeds in the pound shop today  - en route to something else - and looking at all the different flowers there I was getting the old rush of adrenalin! So I think I will find the motivation to start the cycle rolling again

It also means if you start in September you have green growing things all over your flat all the way through the winter which is so uplifting

I *DO* love moaning about the weather tho - I'm very British like that!

window boxes are a wash out this year

Posted: 07/08/2012 at 22:43


but yes I know what youre getting at Kate - I have to motivate myself somehow

when I couldn't be bothered to do my flowers and the summer comes and everything is blooming I regretted being lazy -  altho it IS a lot of palaver at the time its so rewarding when youre sitting among all the beauty and you forget all the work and mess

I've yet to actually sit out on my balcony this year! the few days we've had I've been busy

so I got myself into gear and did all the work all winter / spring for nothing really - I have to say my flowers this year have been totally UN-inspiring so where I'll get the drive from for next year goodness knows

window boxes are a wash out this year

Posted: 07/08/2012 at 20:58

wow the thougt of starting sowing again next week after such a let down this year !! I don't think I can face it - the mess on all the window sills in my flat for the best part of a year to have a load of depressing scratty plants looking so scruffy and miserable


I'll have to psyche myself up for that I think!

window boxes are a wash out this year

Posted: 07/08/2012 at 19:03

Misery loves company

thanks for all these lovely replies I'm so happy that you are all struggling and having problems too - it makes me feel so much better!

window boxes are a wash out this year

Posted: 07/08/2012 at 18:57

yes Kate I did the same thing in the end - which sort of cancelled out the economising of the seed growing! My garden centre were selling things like begonias usually $3.99 for £1 each so I filled the gaps with them - still wasn't the usual display of lush loveliness I'm used to though - and every summer has its challenges but this year has been something else

I did two boxes of marigolds which I've never grown before - expecting two solid blocks of lovely orange by my front door - they were yellow leaved from day one (*and still are!*) and have flowered one flower at a time! They're actually an eyesore to be really brutal

[do they like it dry? I've been watering them every day so I wonder if they struggled with being too wet? Whatever it was they have had a miserable summer]

It's lovely to grow from seed but this year I feel alittle bit like all the mess and palaver from February onwards wasn't worth it

window boxes are a wash out this year

Posted: 07/08/2012 at 16:22

I live in a flat with a balcony and love containers and window boxes


I grew everything from seed this year to cut the cost so it was months of work and I have to say looking today half way through August I've finally admittied to myself its now too late for them to look anything - just stringy marigolds and loads of soil showing and one flower at a time


It just never got to a point this year where it was a breath taking show of colour - anyone else had a disappointing year - lets MOAN

Coverage of Hampton Court Flower Show

Posted: 13/07/2012 at 12:53

I visit Oxfordshire regularly and walk my sister's dog and as a London dweller would expect the countryside to be an onslaught to my city senses - but the shocking reality is that huge swaithes of the fields are as diverse as a concrete car park in the centre of the West End - just square mile after square mile of one crop and absolutely nothing else. As for the Hampton Court show - FAR too much talk - not enough flowers!

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