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Grateful Deadhead

About me:Hello! Our garden is fairly narrow, and over 130ft long. It was very well maintained up until the time we moved in last year as it had been lovingly tended for 43 years by a couple, each of them dedicated amateur gardeners who gave it many hours love and attention daily. The style is an informal English garden, many hardy perennial herbaceous border plants and tall trees giving it a lovely woodland feel. Some species remain unidentified and we are currently trying to find out what they are. We understand that much of the decision-making governing the choice of plants that are here was influenced by the various plants’ ability to attract insects and we have a wealth of insects and birds. In the last 3 weeks we have spotted either, the Greater or Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Jays, Wrens, and (I think) Long-Tailed Tits. We love our garden as it is (more or less). In general though, and over time, we hope to increase the amount of edible vegetation which will hopefully includ the addition of a couple of hazelnut trees. My current obsession with getting these installed is driving my family mad! It is interesting how people do (or don’t) cope with having a fairly long garden; we have good examples of this either side of us, with one side who uprooted the trees that were here when they originally moved in, recently paving over most of the length of it (TRAVESTY!), and the other neighbour who have let theirs turn into a wild jungle which actually gives us more privacy and is a wonderful habitat for birds and small mammals. I am excited to join Gardeners World online community as I feel somewhat isolated by not having many people around who share my enthusiasm for a lovely garden. I have some gardening experience as both my parents, and one grandmother, who, while only having a little knowledge and experience about gardening itself, instilled a great respect and appreciation in me for plants and trees. Thank you for reading my profile! The Grateful Deadhead
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