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garden dilema!

Posted: 10/02/2012 at 14:54

ive always wanted a cottage garden or country garden packed with colour height and smell like the ones you see in gardeners world etc ive tried and failed a few time last year i ripped the whole lot out and left a few it was an eye sore all summe now last month i sprung into action mulched the soil weeded, now its ready for the planting obviously i cant at the moment with this dreadfull weather unless i want to plant a few hardy perenials. i have oriental poppys some astilbes's three infant red hot pokers some verbena, ladys mantle lambs tail's and primulas were talking a plot that is 8ft by 4ft so needs a lot more plants! the garden is on a west facing wall with climbing roses on one side and a small rockery on the other side so its cased in. i was thinking to plant lupins in large clumps but need advice how to keep them as they get planted one week and are gone the next! some hollyocks for height delphiniums too again gone the week after planting some rudbekia green wizard for the dramatic display in winter months a few fox gloves, allium gladiators scatterd inbetween and ground cover at the front  aubretia babys breath london bridge and a few other variates was also thinking some tripods at the back too with clematis sieboldii for that splash off pink in height the back off the border has a narrow channel which was planted with budleia lavaterias dog wood and lilacs for height above the rest ive given my thoughts on what i would like in there but would like to hear some other feedback on what i should plant etc all replys apreciated thanks

Can I move my peony?

Posted: 10/02/2012 at 14:14

i have three peonys one which has been in the ground at least a good ten years, the other two only four or five. my problem is as much as i waterd them gave them a feed in the growing season and frequent feeds after flowering, they seem to be getting very poor the one that has been well established usually gets four or five large pink flowers last year it produced only three buds and they never opend they stayed closed until the flower was visually finished. the other two i could put it down to establishment but i only ever get a small mound off leaves with zero flowers im tempted to discard because ive had no results and could plant something more rewarding. ive mulched fishbone compost around the crowns off the plants and theyre shooting should i give them a liquid feed soon to give the plant nurishment before it gets too big? all opinions apreciated thanks

Redesign of garden

Posted: 10/02/2012 at 00:12
Hi your tree roots is a bit off a dilemma I personaly would say get shot off the trees or give them a trim that's your call though. I divided my garden into six sections which range from high shrubs lilac's budleia and lavaterias but they're kept in shape I like the idea off height and colour against dull walls etc but also like to have space for my borders and displays and not forgetting seating areas I'd suggest shillies? On the lawn, perhaps place your furniture on them with a few pots and borders surrounding? The calls totally your I can only express my opinion off I were in this situation hope I helped
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