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Free gifts on May issue GW

Posted: 03/05/2016 at 09:40

Some of the gardens (166 of the 400, they say) do offer the alternative of a half-price single entry. Seems fair enough to do this - many single people have less spare cash than couples.

Free gifts on May issue GW

Posted: 03/05/2016 at 08:31

I realise I wrote "globes" instead of "gloves". Apologies. Whether your globes are suitable or not is an entirely private matter.

Free gifts on May issue GW

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 18:20

I've just bought my copy, sold as a "Sainsburys Value Pack".  It cost £5.99 but this included the gloves, which fit my (female) hands very well, and by a happy coincidence also feature one left and one right hand, which is what I happen to have, so that's good. I also got six packets of seeds, most of which I can use.

But best of all this month - and I think this applies to all including subscription versions - is the 2-for-1 garden entrance card, with its directory of gardens where you can use it. This includes the Eden Project, Kew, and over 400 other gardens, and is reusable for a whole year. If you ever visit gardens, this is a real bargain, with or without globes of dubious suitability.

Potato problem

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 16:55

I grow Charlotte. Every year I set them out to chit, then two months later, they look just the same,so I plant them anyway. They do fine. I tell myself that perhaps they have begun to chit internally and are just waiting to burst forth when they're planted, but I don't know whether it makes the slightest difference. Don't worry about it.

Ironically, supermarket potatoesin the veg rack in the kitchen are sprouting after  a week or two. Perhaps I should put my seed potatoes there and pretend I'm planning to eat them,  so as to scare them into chitting.

Supporting peas in container

Posted: 30/04/2016 at 22:07

If you choose a dwarf variety, you can just push some twiggy sticks in among them  for support.

Beware bark chippings!

Posted: 30/04/2016 at 08:55

 I am sure the compost is tittering at our comments!

Beware bark chippings!

Posted: 30/04/2016 at 08:24

Overwatering? Our climate is such that  Devon would be barren by now if too much water was a problem. I am too lazy to be guilty of over watering, and anyway  a new hedge needs regular water.

I am happy to report that after a second watering, followed by one the coldest nights since the plants went in, they look fine this morning, with little or so fresh damage. So fingers crossed....    I am convinced now that the weather and the water are not to blame, although I doubt if I can prove anything to B&Q.

I wouldn't rubbish all their products either. Following advice from Which? I amusing their Verve MP compost for sowing as well as potting this year, with excellent results But if I want woodchip again, I will approach our local tree surgeon, who regularly creates and dumps chippings.

Late vegetable bed

Posted: 30/04/2016 at 08:13

Don't bother trying broad  beans this summer, it's too late, but you could start some in the autumnfor next year. French and runner beans might do their stuff in August, but not broad beans.

Beware bark chippings!

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 21:41

That's a useful idea, Redwing. I don't think we'll get anything done until after the B Hol weekend, and perhaps we'll know by then how the hedge is doing. I'll.try tomorrow to get something in writing from the supplier.

We have watered the hedge again tonight,  but I expect it may get worse before it gets better. I draped fleece over a couple of plants just to rule out frost damage, but we're in Devon, and these plants are suppose to tolerate between 5 and 10 degrees of frost. Even if it goes down to 2 tonight as predicted, the temperature shouldn't be a problem.

Beware bark chippings!

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 19:48

Thanks, Verdun, we'll consider that. I have just checked four spare plants that the supplier sent, which we  planted in a rather wild part of the garden, just in case any of the others didn't take. They are all fine, with no sign of similar damage, so the evidence is  mounting.

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