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Can anyone identify this pest please?

Posted: 17/07/2014 at 20:50

Considering the Met office are dealing with nature, which is uncontrollable, their forecasts are pretty accurate. The Country file programme have their forecasts done by the Met office.

The rain they predict will help wash away your whitefly though.

Hedge trimmer design and use

Posted: 27/02/2014 at 20:06

I used to use a "proper" elecric hedge trimmer but with joint problems I now use a small rechargeable Bosch which is superb. I have quite a bit of  yew hedge and tackle it in small stages. As it is a perimeter hedge of about 135 yew plants  I am not bothered for a neat uniform finish - a bit more freeform (think mini Montacute garden style)  and I do not mind it curving in and out. The small size of trimmer means I can cope without help and it can follow natural growth contours.

An obsessive type of hedge person would not like the style but it does mean I can deal with it myself.

I shred the trimmings for the compost and use some as mulch.

The hedge trimmer is stored in my trug at all times in my utility room ready for use. It is also used to cut down perennials .  Any bits of hedge that are too thick for the blades are cut with sturdy loppers .

As with all rechargeable items a longer battery life would be good but the break while it recharges allows me to do other things in the garden.

The hedge is trimmed once a year - before or after the birds have left their nests so depending on the weather too.


Good luck with your course and hope you come up with a useful design.

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