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Gardening Gloves

Posted: Yesterday at 18:34

Same here Doghouse. I find Wilko's brand of gloves quite good for the price. Tbh, if you do all types of gardening over a complete season then I find that cheap prices gloves from Wilko etc are better. Just replace when required 

Lawn Areator

Posted: 17/10/2017 at 22:27


It would depend on the size of your lawn. I use a heavy duty garden lawn spiked roller aerator that cost about £20 to £25 on most internet sites. It's basically a manual spiked roller that you run over your lawn. The roller drives the spinged spikes in to the grass. Its effective, but only when the lawn sub soil is not too compacted down or dryer out , otherwise the spikes will just bounce off the grass. I totally drench the lawn  before using it and it works quite well for a fast fix 

New Turf - Help

Posted: 17/10/2017 at 17:20


It is normal and good mannered  to acknowledge and thank people on this forum for their comments. We do not have to comment and most of us impart our gardening advice to advise and help people having a gardening problem to solve. Hope you appreciate this as a constructive criticism 

New Turf - Help

Posted: 16/10/2017 at 22:38

If it is red thread, then a high nitrogen feed should cure the problem. Use sulphate of ammonia but again in spring. Rakng  it out and aeriating the lawn will help the condition as well 


Posted: 16/10/2017 at 21:07


i would say if you are laying pea gravel to the underside of the pipe work then you are effectively creating a drainage barrier between the pipe work and clay. Imo, if you can break up the clay and incorporate the gravel then that should do the job of improving the drainage to the sub clay soil

New Turf - Help

Posted: 16/10/2017 at 20:43

Hi Indy 

You only need about 2' of well racked top soil for a new lawn. I would ensure that all the lawn ends sections are knitted together (butted up so no gaps between turf ends as this will cause shrinkage Keep on watering in dry spells but I would leave the mowing unless there is an upsurge in growth and only a high cut, Grass is very hardy and always seem to bounce back in the spring. The best treatment then would be a general aeration to release compaction and to get air, water and light to the grass roots. Then apply a good spring feed. 

New Turf - Help

Posted: 16/10/2017 at 19:28

Hi Indy

If it is a build up of thatch, then it will need scarifying using a metal lawn rack and areating using a garden fork to create holes for improved drainage and air flow to the root system. But in a new lawn I would be surprised that this would be required. If the new lawn was of good quality without moss or weeds and the ground work was effectively carried out preparing the soil prior to laying the lawn - removing or large stones and racking and treading down the lawn to create what is called a fine tilhe. Personally, I would do the thatch removal in spring if it is the problem and your new lawn needs time build up it root system

Feeding a new lawn at this time of year will make it grow and create new swords of grass that well be effected by possible ground frost. If you fertilised the ground work prior to the new lawn been laid with Growmore then that would be sufficient for this time of year to establish the lawn.

Grass, like any plant, will become dormant when the temperature drops and a feed on a new lawn would be not beneficial due to this

New Turf - Help

Posted: 16/10/2017 at 18:52


Yellowing in lawns is normally due to lack of natural light. Was the new turf stacked for too long a period before being laid. Also, it the new lawn been laid in shade and not receiving sufficient light . Most grasses require at least a part shade aspect to grow well although you can buy grass seed and lawn that will cope better in that aspect.

Worm casts show that worms are active in your lawn and are a natural occurrence I would use a plastic or alloy leave rake to gently remove 

Do not feed your new lawn until Spring  


Posted: 16/10/2017 at 18:29


could you be a bit clearer on what project are you carrying out ? 


Posted: 29/09/2017 at 09:33

I think my comment I left in 2014 (my god, where did those year go) caused some strange confusion. First, I am a very competent gardener and use a hoe around my garden very effectively. My wording was, slightly ambiguous ,but I would consider that most people would comprehend my comment. 

Lastly ,gardening should be a enduring joy to do and, if I had to take a garden tool to a desert island, you can bet it would be the Hoe 😀😀🌷

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