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Doctor, it's about my banana

Posted: 13/07/2017 at 00:03

Bananas need a lot of water and feed so I would mulch it with a good 3-4 inches of compost or bark which will help keep any water you give it in the soil. I'd then give it a high nitrogen feed like seaweed or nettle every couple of weeks.

Uprights at Abbotsbury

Posted: 12/07/2017 at 17:43

I think they are meant to grow quite well from seeds. Good luck!

Uprights at Abbotsbury

Posted: 12/07/2017 at 11:40

Some sort of palm. It's hard to tell from the pictures. They might be Trachycarpus fortunei as they are hardy in the UK for the most part.

Tiny vine, ivy or creeper plant

Posted: 10/07/2017 at 11:45

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'? More a trailing, hanging plant but may be able to train it up a mesh.

Purple leaves ID Please

Posted: 09/07/2017 at 13:10

Thanks Punkdoc. That looks like the fellow!



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Purple leaves ID Please

Posted: 09/07/2017 at 12:40

Hello on this fine day. Can anyone ID these for me. Someone gave them to my mother as a foliage plant in amongst a planted container. Years later these are all that remains. They seem to be happy in shade but I'd like to know how I should be treating them.



What plant other than Ivy to cover up unsightly lower-middle class concrete bird bath with vulgar inscription on it?

Posted: 08/07/2017 at 15:19

I have a working class bird bath and bloody proud of it!  

Three for ID please

Posted: 07/07/2017 at 03:22

I think you're probably right. Not to worry. I'll find him a home somewhere as I've cared for him up until now. I don't have the heart to bin it. Thanks for the ID. 👍


Three for ID please

Posted: 06/07/2017 at 14:08
Dovefromabove says:

Is the stem square in cross-section?

See original post

 Yes it is! What are you thinking Dove?

Three for ID please

Posted: 06/07/2017 at 12:59

Thanks Pete, sorry I didn't see your message until now.

It's now about to flower with what looks like white petals. Any ideas?



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