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Posted: Today at 19:58

Hostfan 1 , do remember to tell us what you thought of the show in November 

We go regularly to see shows in London with a local Threatre Group 

Hope you are all having a good evening , just had Dinner Vegtable Curry , fabulous


Posted: Today at 18:39

Dovefromabove , just being nosey , going shopping in London or seeing a show ?

just having a beer and cigar before dinner , have been up allottment this afternoon digging up potatoes , also sitting outside getting the last of the sun , 

hope everybody is being positive 

New allotment OMG...

Posted: Today at 18:35

Been to allottment this afternoon dug a bed of potatoes up , o/h harvested cauliflower x 2 , loads of beans , broccoli and dug up plants for compost , couple courgette , cabbage and beetroot , so lots of veg the next few days 

1 more bed of main crop potatoes to dig up next week , like to dry them before sorting and putting in paper sacks 

toms coming thick and fast and down to last 2 cucumbers , been a good year so far

chard and spinach looking good 

Welcome to the fruit & veg forum

Posted: Today at 08:23

Ann12 , you can buy extra thick sacks for growing potatoes in , got mine in a g/c sale 

with these sacks same procedure as Bobs comments but can put 5 potatoes in them , I start my off in the green house , then put them outside , my problem I sometimes forget to water them 

best of luck 


Posted: Today at 08:15

Good morning from a semi retiree ,we put heating on last night for a couple of hours !

Just having  breakfast  and it has stopped raining ! Off to a meeting in Lincoln this morning , afternoon if still not raining gling to allottment for a couple of hours 

Have a good day everybody

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 19:38

Claricestarling67 , interesting story 

New allotment OMG...

Posted: Yesterday at 19:33

Gardengirl , once it had been dug you could look into "green manure" , I have found it useful , I know it doesn't suit everybody 

I have covered the ground with plastic sacks as a temporary measure before now 

whatever you decide best of luck 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:52

Lincoln and Derby Cathedrals have peregrines nesting there , one year Derby had a camera fitted so you could view them via there web site , just like Spring Watch  

At the allotments we have Buzards flying around , not sure what they eat , have seen them being buzzed by rooks , so they where probably after the young in the nests 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:42

The doves and pigeons sit on top of the fence by the Hawthorn tree where the feeders are  and down it comes like a bolt out of the blue , quiet dramatic really !

If you are in the Garden and you notice it has gone quiet and all the little birds have disappeared you know the Hawks are about  Such is nature 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:28

Morning all , just had breakfast listening to the rain , forecast all day , so no gardening today

Steve , love your New Bird Feeder , very impressive , got mine hanging under Hawthorn tree , give them a bit of protection , as we have Sparrow Hawks locally and they take the odd dove , pigeon and blackbird from the garden 

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