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New allotment OMG...

Posted: Yesterday at 22:39

To do list has loads of jobs at the Allottment both gardening and none gardening , I look at none gardening as restraining sheds , rehang gates ect . My main job is to glaze the second hand greenhouse 

Just been to a garden club meeting , really good talk about cut flowers , bought a clematis to cover a water cube 

Would you buy a smallholding?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:29

Orchards , 

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Yesterday at 19:14

I assumed " cute & harmless " ?

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Yesterday at 15:12

GemmaJF , probably a good idea as you may get some more suggestions , might be worth putting a picture up if you are able 

I have not got any decking but personally if it works , then use it , in fact nicely stained looks good 

whatever you do , best of luck

New allotment OMG...

Posted: Yesterday at 15:02

Just got home from a meeting , did think about poping up to the A ( A = my new abbreviation for Allottment ) but it will be dark at 4-00 and drizzly rain , so decided to look at G/W furom instead 

Hope  to get up there on Sunday 

I find digging very satisfying 

Would you buy a smallholding?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:53

This has been really nice reading this thread , much better than Mikes " enough is enough "

I would like a much bigger garden but don't want to move or be tidied down to a small holding which sounds nice but very hard work to me , my Allottment is enough 

Always fancied an Orchard thought ! got 4 fruit trees at the Allottment . A small woodland did come up for sale about 8 years ago and was tempted but being at work the time , would never have had time to do anything with it 

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Yesterday at 14:33

GemmaJF , tired concrete , had a friend who had lots of tired concrete and covered it with a gravel scree and block paving around the edges , no rats , very little maintance , thought I would mention it as an alternative to decking 

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: 26/11/2014 at 18:03

Philippa smith 2 , is actually spot on , let's park the " cat" and move on

I have a hegdhog that comes into the garden , I call him Harold , no idea if it is male and occasionally put some mele worms out for him , surely everybody loves a  hegdhog

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: 26/11/2014 at 15:10

I had a problem with Ducks coming into my garden , ended up by putting ground level fencing in , now I known you are going to say they can fly but they waddled in from the stream at the side of the Garden

You may also think what's wrong with the odd duck , nothing but when you get 50 or so it becomes a problem 

The point I am making is , what seems nice to some people is a problem to others 

hot composting

Posted: 26/11/2014 at 10:07

Edd , thanks for that , never seen one before 

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