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New allotment OMG...

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 09:42

The Big Allottment challenge , is that the programme that was on last year ? 

Personally I enjoyed watching it 

Lots of meetings last week , next week lots of Christmasy things , other than getting some veg , looks like I'm not going to get their until after Christmas 

Starting to get allottment withdrawal symtons 


Posted: 13/12/2014 at 09:35

Yes a nice sunny winters day , a really good frost , just about to venture outside looks cold 

Lawn Advice Appreciated

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 09:26

I have decided as long as it looks green that's OK

The lawns could do with a cut but far to wet , probably like everybody else a real good frost last night 

Lawn Advice Appreciated

Posted: 12/12/2014 at 17:55

Hello all the above good advice 

But dandelions seem to survive feed/weed so this year I have started spraying them individually with weed killer , it does work but it also kills the grass a bit , so I put some seed down and it does grow again , does look a bit messy 

Not sure how successful my Dandelion extermination project will be until next year 


Companion plants and their opposite

Posted: 12/12/2014 at 17:45

Hello all , I use a book / pamphlet called " Companion Planting by Andrew Sankey " it is printed by Budget Printing Services Lincoln

I have always done a bit of companion planting and it works , so I use it mainly at the allottment 

Crop rotation, sequential cropping tips and hints

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 12:16

hello , I do have a folder for the allottment and I try and do crop rotations but I do mix some things up "but" I do check what grows well together and what dosn't

I have found this site really good for specific questions and general chats  

Happy allotmenteering 

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 12:04

nice pics , really like the bees 

bought a metal Poppy for the garden 

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 10/12/2014 at 08:47

Asparagus , bought 12 crowns from Kings this year , grew well , next year cut a few spears , year 2 then year 3 should be able to harvest as you like for the next 20 years if you look after them , love fresh asparagus 

A number of old timers on the allottment advised us not to grow from seed and I think they are right

Note of caution we have now got " Aaparagus Beetle " in this country , so will need to spray , next door did not want to spray and they destroyed his bed 

Strictly 2014

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 09:35

Obelisk , you seem to have summed it up beautifilly 

Should be a great show this weekend

What do you have left to do in the garden this year?

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 09:32

Hello , still got Apple , willow , 2 ash and Hawthorn trees to give a trim , smallish garden so like to keep the under control 

Also going to redo a gravel path in front of side conservatory 

always something to do 

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