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Hello Forkers in December

Posted: 15/12/2017 at 18:53

Put up some Christmas decks this afternoon as friends coming around shortly for a drink πŸ₯ƒ 

Hosta can’t under stand why companies like Saga don’t reward loyalty , just renewed o/h car ins and asked for a price reduction and got it 

Have a pleasant evening everybody 

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 15/12/2017 at 18:46

Another very cold night so put heater on in G/H❄️

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: 15/12/2017 at 13:21

Ian , moss looks good , great idea , keep it watered and it should take 

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 15/12/2017 at 10:00

Lovely sunny day but cold  -Lincoln 

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 14/12/2017 at 11:40

Rained overnight , no frost , cold sunny day , in Lincoln at moment 

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 14/12/2017 at 11:39

Tree looks good , I’m sure the kitten will have a climbπŸŽ„

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 14/12/2017 at 08:36

Oberlix , If no roots and  just a stump worth cutting a couple of inches off bottom , will suck up water better , also if possible stand in something you can add water to , when we had a real tree 🌲 this worked wonders  

Hello Forkers in December

Posted: 14/12/2017 at 08:30

Of to Lincoln later this morning , a bit of shopping  , o/h going to hair dresser and a Christmas Lunch 🍴 

Sun trying to come out , rained over night 

Got a bit of a cold , hopefully clear up for next week when going to relatives for a Christmas week of fun

Hope all’s well 

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 13/12/2017 at 17:43

Sorry to hear about car πŸš™ , hope it recovers and not to expensive !

Thanks for update , not been to plot lately , probably will be after Christmas πŸŽ„ 

We where lucky , only had a dusting of snow ❄️ , rained overnight and all gone  but has been rather cold , even down to 1 degree in the day time . Yes a white Christmas would be nice but rare 

Got decorations out of loft this evening will put up tomorrow , we have a holly tree in garden and in the past have taken bits off for decorations , also 2 small ones in pots that self seeded in the garden that make a nice table decoration 

Have you named the new Kitten ? 

Whats Xmas Scones ?

Hello Forkers in December

Posted: 13/12/2017 at 16:11

Oberlix , Pernod sauce sounds fab 

O/H now does mussels etc in tomatoes πŸ…/ garlic onions & peppers , rather than white wine creamy sauces as they are better calorie wise for us 

Only ever had razor clams in restaurants , they where fine 

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