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Christmas stuff in shop

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 09:52

Yes , back to Christmas , I have just thought what I could have for Christmas 

 A battery strimmer

It could help in cutting the grass around the edge of my allottment and the beck bank on side of garden 

my good lady is going to make some mince pies this week because she is going to an early Christmas Do on Thursday 

Christmas stuff in shop

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 17:33

I like Stolen , got mini ones last year from Lidl , they where great with a cup of coffee or glass of sherry , a much under rated drink in my opinion 


Posted: 12/10/2014 at 17:29

Fiumpy1 , not sure from picture but have you got blight ? If so needs sorting


Posted: 11/10/2014 at 21:35

I understand what you are saying 

Best wishes

Christmas stuff in shop

Posted: 11/10/2014 at 18:49

Look forward to seeing the results on this furom 

after all gardening , drinking and eating go together 

Christmas stuff in shop

Posted: 11/10/2014 at 18:30

Mince pies , I agree you need to start buying them now or even making them now so you can properly test them and the only way to test them is eat them

Market Research is what it is called 

Merry Christmas 

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 11/10/2014 at 18:25

Hello everybody , I have just been given a pot of Parsley which I have put in the greenhouse , any tips on keeping it going over the winter ? Or should I bring it inside ?


Posted: 11/10/2014 at 18:18

Sweeping leaves up , have you though about a Garden vac to suck up the leaves ?

much quicker , give you more time for other jobs , only advise is if you suck them over bare soil it sucks up the loose soil and clogged it up , well the one I had did

best of luck with the Gardening

Christmas stuff in shop

Posted: 10/10/2014 at 22:34

I like Christmas but don't think about it until December 

You can just ignore the Hype , I do 

early merry Christmas to everybody

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 10/10/2014 at 20:49

BizzieB , best of luck , you are right a bit at a time is the best way with new Allotments

spent all day on mine today , first decent day all week , dug up last of potatoes , beetroot for my good lady to pickle tommrow , manured old potatoe  bed  , sowed green manure in 2 beds and lots more 

fuitcake , do you have a greenhouse , if so have you thought about growing potatoes in bags in the greenhouse for Christmas ?

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