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Wooden garden furniture

Posted: 07/09/2013 at 07:41

Hi, I bought some lovely wooden garden furniture about 8 years ago. I have treated it with teak oil each year - chairs and the table. I have always put it away in the shed over winter which is a shame as when we get a nice winter's day, I would have liked to have sat out. But thought that I was looking after it. However, my son now uses the shed to store his fancy cycle and tinkers in there so space is limited. Years ago I had other furniture and bought a cover, left it outside and it went mouldy under the cover. So, is it OK to leave wooden furniture out and will it do any damage? Please.


Posted: 07/09/2013 at 07:34

Good morning!


Posted: 07/09/2013 at 07:34

Goog morning all, I've not been on for a while - very busy! A friend has barn owls living in her barn thing and she said that they have not produced any chicks this year and it's a sign that it's going to be a hard winter. Anyone heard that before? It's gone cold here and chucking it down!


Get it off your chest

Posted: 07/09/2013 at 07:22

Ha, fart! Love it! My step-mother used to fart when she stood up. Unfortunately, my two teenage boys roared with laughter and set me off. We were the embarrased ones after for laughing so much. Poor woman...

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 30/08/2013 at 08:36

My circle goes roung for ages - annoying.


Posted: 30/08/2013 at 08:34

And I am the supreme sensible one on here!


Posted: 30/08/2013 at 08:32

Me? Deputy? Blimey. I am away for the weekend - this is going to be like pass the parcel - naked Maud is in the garden, you can be deputy for the weekend. Wearing your doily uniform, you will be respected. i will take over on Monday but I will not be naked as I will be wearing a Batman costume - don't know why but the cape will hide my fat tummy in the lycra. I was put on detention yesterday for not going on the Forkers. So, i ate the cake on my own and farted tunes to keep myself amused. Yes, that's what this forum needs: sound icons. That's the first thing I did when I got my iPad, downloaded the fart ap. It's amazing the divide between people - some laugh like mad (me) at fart noises and then others can keep a straight face and are not amused at all. Which category do you come under? While I am away and only deputy for the duration of typing this, I order you to contemplate your views about farting. The burning question: why?

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 30/08/2013 at 08:01

And I cannot go where I want to go as I am flipped back to the thread rather than to another one... I'll put 50p in the metre and then see if it works quicker

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 30/08/2013 at 07:58

Good evening forkers,

Oh this site is not working well at all. Takes ages to move between posts as the little circle on the top bar just keeps spinning while it loads or does something with another technical name... I have just posted on the morning forkers to say hope all goes well with new baby, Tina.


Posted: 30/08/2013 at 07:52

Good morning all and good morning to potty! This site was playing up for me last night and it kept freezing. Started yesterday afternoon playing up. I ate all the cake myself - sorry - and partied alone! Am going away for the weekend to see my sister in the IOM and so I was packing etc last night and didn't have time to fiddle with it to make it work quicker. Tina I hope that all goes well for your new arrival!

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