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About me:I am an 86 year old widow who has been gardening since the age of 5. I have seven children and seven grandchildren and a half acre of wildlife friendly garden stuffed with plants, ornamental and useful as I love freshly picked fruit and veg. and have fed a family of nine on them years ago. Now I am a volunteer gardener once a week in the Bristol University botanic garden and give talks and open my garden to clubs. I am the Hon. secy of the local Bristol group of the Alpine garden Society and help with many charities by running plant stalls. My garden gives me great pleasure and, now being aged, I am venturing out on the No-Dig method of cultivation. 2013 is the year I add a wildlife pond and meadows, both annual and perennial to my half acre of garden rooms. n 2012 I added a potager with eight raised beds to make growing my own veg. a little easier. 2014 is the year I have celebrated my Golden anniversary in my present garden and I have been putting on displays for the neighbours in my front garden for Valentine's day, St David's, St Patrick's and St. George's Day, Mothers Day, Easter day. Whitsun, etc. I have resigned from my one day a week at the Bot. Garden to give me more time to do this and put on a good display for Bristol in Bloom in August. I have alsoresigned from being secy of the Alpine garden Society as, after nineyears and approaching 86 I thought someone younger should do it. I applied to be a participant in Mr. Fothergills Nation of Gardeners to trial their products for a year so they can build a Growing Map of Mainland Britain and was accepted , so that has kept me busy since October 2013. I write about it all in the Forum Talkback under the title 2014. Now, 13,07.15 I am still going strong in the garden approaching my 87th birthday on Aug.11th. I write about it in the Forum thread "My Bristol Garden in 2015" because this is Bristol's year of being Green Capital of Europe. It covers most things I do in the garden and to do with ga
more coming soon...