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small bird watch

Posted: 27/01/2013 at 20:37

6 Blackbirds 3 male 3 female - Chaffinches 1 Male 1 female - 1 Blue Tit Male - 1 crow - 1 Wood pigeon - 1 Robin Male - 1 Coal Tit Male -  1 Magpie - and one unidentified.

Saw lots of other brids flying through but rules state you only count what is in your garden not what flies through.

No shows from the Great Tits and Bullfinches normally on my patch but heard rumours about agents fees and apperarance money!!

small bird watch

Posted: 26/01/2013 at 15:42

Well did the rspb birdwatch today and a bit dissapointed not to see some of the birds who normally come to my garden. Possibly the weather I guess... still a reasonable variety of birds if not masses of numbers.

small bird watch

Posted: 25/01/2013 at 10:06

The Bullfinches are remarkably shy despite the male having a much greater size than either the Blue tit or Great tit they tend to just perch and watch everyone else feeding. Super colour though. I am just going to cut and paste in here from my website blog regarding my birding experiences...

From my blog

Today I thought I would reflect on feeding wild birds on one of my companies birdtables with a few thoughts thrown in.

As a boy I lived on a fairly leafy street which gave birds the opportunity to nest locally with impunity. Indeed there were masses of Sparrows in flocks around where I lived. One particular irksome result was that blob of poo on the newly washed car I had laboured over to earn pocket money from my mum or dad. seagulls , Robins , Blackbirds Pigeons Song thrushes and so forth were the birds generally more local to by suburban environment. Birds were everywhere and Plentiful. Birds weren't fed except in harsh winters of which there were many when bread crusts and bacon rinds and orange peels would make the winter fayre for the feathered neighbours.

I moved to a more rural setting in a village and now birds were just as plentiful but a little more ornate. A neighbour kept Guinea Fowl as an extra attraction but Collared Doves, Turtle Doves, Wood Pigeons and many small birds such as Siskins,Blue Tits ,Goldfinches,Chaffinches and more kept my garden busy and colourful. There was no feeding the birds as the garden with its various plants and climbers kept them happy enough to nest and live in my garden without encouragement.

A final move saw me back in a suburban elnvironment and once again there was a change in the avian population. Initially there were Wood pigeons , Thrushes , Blackbirds  , Robins , Wrens and to a smaller extent Sparrows. The last couple of years saw all but the Blackbirds disappear from my Garden. I guess I should not be surprised as I had never attempted to feed them assuming nature would manage quite nicely without me. It was however a bit of a worry as I enjoyed the visits by the colourful and lively birds that we all know and love.

Then the moment of realisation came. Bird feeding had become popular , hedgerows in the countryside had reduced leaving less opportunities for our native seed eating birds to thrive but urban feeding had increased to take up some of the slack.

So I went to my workshop and put out two birdtables in my garden and duly added some rather swanky food to them. (Spoiled? I think so).

Within a matter of a few days I suddenly discovered that Great Tits were within my tables grasp, as were Blue Tits ,  Chaffinches , Bullfinches and as usual my Blackbirds.

So I have had a pleasant time observing birdlife suddenly spring to life in my garden. . . . and so i aim to keep it.

One thing I did notice. Harwood was an early adopter of the RedKite release programme. I keep getting a couple of Kites over my house like some War of the Worlds Martian ships looking for fodder. The birdtables empty pretty quick till they have passed over.


Does anyone have a view on whether the Red Kite release program has affected small bird numbers?

squirrel shot for coming to the table.

Posted: 25/01/2013 at 09:18

Obviously there is no concern here about Grey Squirrel numbers .I have had greys in my garden since I moved into this house ten years back as I have a mature oak tree which they like. They have made dreys in the eaves of both mine and my neighbours homes but we have only seemed to have one pair at any one time and the houses are big and the damage has been minimal and not endangering the waterproofing of the home as the eaves have a large overhang. So I leave them be. They do not as yet seem to have stealing from my birdtables either but if they did I would devise a method to stop them. Although I guess that would be difficult based on this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY9Yf26J4ZM

small bird watch

Posted: 25/01/2013 at 08:55

Ah got you The other question is that I have only recently started putting food out on a birdtable. I used to just have a robin and two pair of blackbirds in my garden with the odd wood pigeon and various passing birds but since I have put out a birdtable with food on over the last month I have had regular visits from Great Tits - Blue tits - Chaffinch - Bullfinch - a singular ground feeding Dunnock . Strangely these birds only arrive around 10.30am and leave by 1pm so I am thinking they are obviously nesting elsewhere and perhaps even feeding elsewhere before they get to me. I have put up 3 nestboxes to try to attract birds to become sited in my garden.

It would seem then that assuming wherever they are nesting the homeowners will count them too they will be again counted twice or is this an accepted anomoly and that it is not actually an attempt to get accurate numbers but an overview of the sort of average visitations people are experiencing in their gardens and that the whole totals will be averaged by the number of respondents?

Sorry for the long winded response.

small bird watch

Posted: 25/01/2013 at 01:26

yep got my chart but how do you tell if you are counting two different birds or one thats flown off and come back again?

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