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Flood damage

Posted: 11/02/2014 at 15:51

Following on from the devastating floods in southern England and the huge amount of misery caused to the people living there I can but wonder at what devastation is being caused to wildlife

Last year(2013)was one of the few in recent times that the wildlife got a fighting chance to recover a bit but only after a very late spring



Posted: 14/08/2013 at 18:59

Can anyone help identify what is attacking the worms in our garden?

It is a small (app19mm long x app 2mm thick) maggot like thing that seems to burrow into the poor worm and eat it from inside

It is most distressing to watch and even if the maggot is detached the poor worm still writhes in agony and eventualy dies

We value the wildlife in our small garden and appreciate it all has to eat but this is a most disgusting way to do it


Posted: 05/08/2013 at 19:09

What is the best variety of tomato to grow in an unheated greenhouse ? cordon style  bush varieties seem to do o k in cold frame


Posted: 05/03/2013 at 16:31

Is  there any replacement for the chemical bromophos and is it any use against the dreaded vine weevil ?

Rose planting depth

Posted: 02/11/2012 at 18:44

How deep should a rose rootstock be planted ?

R H S say at the surface others say anything from 1 inch  to 3 or 4 inches

Which ?

I enjoyed my dinner thanks!!!

Posted: 07/07/2012 at 16:27

Well ....at least it was a whole slug

buried snails

Posted: 07/07/2012 at 16:25

A pair of fairly large tweezers and a big pot of salty water works for me (no yukky bits or innards lying about) and they all eventualy end up down the roadside drain

Must say they seem to breed faster than I catch them

Hedgehogs are good slug noshers but also like ground beetles young frogs and birds eggs but seem to avoid vine weevil like the plague


Slugs and snails

Posted: 07/06/2012 at 16:53

Are all slugs and snails found in the garden destructive?

I seem to recall reading somewhere there are slugs that prey on other slugs and snails and would hate to think I am killing the good ones as well

Bees, Butterflies and Blooms

Posted: 16/02/2012 at 16:06

This is a long awaited shake up for the spray it, squash it, kill it brigade

 lets hope its not too late .

Its going to be an uphill struggle but we can all do a wee bit and many wee bits make a huge bit eventualy.

Vine Weevil

Posted: 21/01/2012 at 16:29

Vine weevil are like the slugs and snails, the more one kills the more appear any suggestions as to how to eradicate them ? Nematodes don't work very well up here in North East Scotland, at least not in our garden,and the little pests are so good at hiding!

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