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Welcome to tools and techniques

Posted: 23/02/2014 at 19:47

I have some large plastic pots/containers that have faded with sun/age. They are so expensive to replace. Does anyone know if I can paint these and if I can, with what?

I might give them a good old scrub with wire wool first but if anyone has any ideas I'd be very interested. 


Posted: 06/02/2014 at 19:55

Never thought of any of those things. Great.  I will get selecting the seeds. thanks all.


Posted: 06/02/2014 at 19:29

I want to put some poppies in the garden this year.

I'm worried that the seeds might blow into farmland next to our property and create a problem. the farmers a big bloke.

I could do my best to deadhead and hope to keep seeds blowing around to a minimum. 

I see the crops being inspected just before harvest each year and wondered if anyone knows what would happen if poppies started growing in the farmers field. 

use of compost/peat

Posted: 21/01/2014 at 19:04

That's a relief. We bought some decent soil from Rolawn. Think it was more topsoil with added ????

forgot already.

So the reason for changing the soil is to keep the goodness there, to produce good plants. I was afraid the reason was bacteria or disease and thats why you had to change the soil. 

Trying to keep up. Thanks.

use of compost/peat

Posted: 21/01/2014 at 18:47

Change the compost every year !?!?  That's a bit of a blow. I had a big birthday last year and got a poly tunnel from my hubby. I've just put in a vine and plan to do sweet potatoes. The cost will be huge as it's quite a big area. 

I may think about putting down some grit and keeping the soil area to a minimum, and think about using more large pots.

learning a lot from this forum.


Posted: 04/01/2014 at 12:11

Oh dear, I've just realised that sweet potatoes are not tubers but plants. No wonder I couldn't find them in the catalogue. Although we are probably too far north to grow these I'm planning to grow a couple of plants in the poly tunnel. 

You never stop learning. 

Sweet Peas

Posted: 04/01/2014 at 12:05

Planning ahead to keep me out the doldrums. 

I once saw a programme planting sweet peas using canes but taking the new growth along the soil to the next cane or even the following cane. I think that this was done to have more flowers down nearer the ground. 

this was a few years ago. has anyone ever done this? Pros or cons ?

i know that obviously need a good run to achieve a good display but I have a long fence that i really fancy covered in flowers.




Posted: 02/12/2013 at 17:27

Thank you everyone, there are three lids that cover one cold frame and I plan to re-cover two with polythene. Keep one with mesh for ventilation. We are very exposed here so the wind would cause damage if I was leaving the cold frames open. 

i think the mould under the pots were from the slug pellets I put down before I put the pots in. 

You learn something new every day. Especially from you guys on the forum. 


Posted: 01/12/2013 at 17:45

Too late, I raked it in through the grit. I will take all the plants out tomorrow again and give it a good raking and airing again. The soil in the pots was saturated.

i should have said it was a cold frame and not propagator.

i will google both your suggestions and see if I can locate something similar. Thanks

not great at putting pictures up on the forum. 



Posted: 01/12/2013 at 15:23

I built a large propagator to overwinter plants and use next year to harden off.

i occasionally open the lids if weather permits. 

Today I lifted a few things around in there and found a lot of mould beneath the pots and trays.

the lids are wooden frames with something a bit more substantial than fleece. More nylon I would say but not too thick. Has this happened because there is a lack of ventilation? everything is sitting on a good layer of grit. 

i gave it a good rake and left the plants out all day but they're back in now. Will the plants be okay and can I prevent this by more ventilation or moving everything around. I would have thought the materials I have used would have been ideal to let water through and help ventilation. Jings, crivvens, he'll ma boab.   far too many plants in there too loose.

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