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Posted: 18/08/2013 at 16:59

Thank you all so much for your help with this. Confused though. Safe to eat/make jam with the berries or not?  Thanks again 


Posted: 18/08/2013 at 15:40


I'm attaching a picture of a tree growing in my garden and hoping you can identify it for me please.  The tree is very tall, fully grown I guess, full of lush green leaves and full to bursting with clusters of orange berries. 

I hope the picture quality isn't too bad, it was very hard to get a picture of the tree from the ground with my mobile phone. 

Thank you in advance, Heather


Slugs & Snails

Posted: 04/08/2013 at 19:15

Sorry Waterbutts, couldn't respond earlier, computer died a horrible death  I sometimes forget that the weather isn't the same everywhere! At the time I posted this message, it was pushing 32 degrees, blue skied and sunny! 


Posted: 01/08/2013 at 12:38

I'm stunned by this. We have wood pidgeons in our garden and have adult fruit trees (apple and plum) and our pidgeons (well I don't personally own them!) don't go anywhere near. Hmmm suspicious now. Perhaps the fruit is bad so they don't want it. Or the leaves are laced with poison. Or maybe they just don't like either variety of fruit. Feeling very lucky now.


Slugs & Snails

Posted: 01/08/2013 at 12:33

That's about the only place in my garden I haven't had to worry about them attacking. The little horrors. And that's putting it politely. They are single handedly (or the sluggy equivalent since they don't have any hands) eating through whatever they come across in my garden that has anything at all in the shape of a discernible leaf. Drives me mad. I'm with Daisyheadcase when it comes to slugs I'm afraid, don't have a good word to say about them, they're slimy, sneaky, far too hungry clearly and therefore deserve a very bad end! I know that's childish too but I just can't bring myselt to tolerate them and find a good valuable reason for them being in existance at all! And they are surprisingly mobile and high reaching for such flat little things. Can't bring myself to vaseline all of my pots, it gets a little disgusting when they've been rained on, leaved on and had mud splashed up them! Anyway, sluggy rant over, hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather today.


Posted: 01/08/2013 at 12:23

Over the really hot spell we've had I've been saving my bathwater from the previous evening and watering my plants with it the next morning. They don't seem to mind at all that it had blackcurrant and blackberry flavoured bubble bath in it the next before!

Seasoned gardeners

Posted: 29/07/2013 at 17:44

Big thank you to addict, KEF, PaulaH, Verdun and fidgetbones for all of your input and well, just for talking to me really! Some really good advice being given and I'm grateful for all of it. Have a great rest of the day, speak soon. x

Seasoned gardeners

Posted: 29/07/2013 at 15:35

Hi nutcutlet and fairygirl. Now yours are names I've seen on here a lot, you guys know your stuff! Great to meet you.;

A thread for a name......I might give it a go and I think I might be able to cope with the odd cheeky suggestion

Addict - another name I recognise! Good to know you. Def going to get some seeds, especially for the veg patch, which as we speak is 7 feet high in bramles and goodness alone knows what else. That's my next challenge!

Seasoned gardeners

Posted: 29/07/2013 at 15:03

Hi Margaret7, good to meet you. This site is fantastic isn't it, I love it. Happy gardening x

Seasoned gardeners

Posted: 29/07/2013 at 15:02

Thanks Archiepem. To our complete surprise come spring this year, our barren dead looking bank of "mud" around the patio in the back garden came to life, so we do thankfully have an element of perennials out back (assuming perennials is the right term!) which is helping an awful lot, its out of control to say the least, and one plant in particular (yellow flowering Lysimachia, can't remember the exact name) certainly likes to take over however its pretty enough and fills a space. Hopefully when it starts to come up next spring, now I know what it is, I can try to tame it a bit. Several places do need planting however so I will aim for cuttings I think. I've paid out a bit for some plants for the front but obviously big jobs and endless payout isn't going to be the way to go. x


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