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Posted: 11/04/2012 at 13:26

We have just moved into a house that has 20ft leylandii hedges all around the perimeter of the garden. In some places they are 10ft wide. We want to remove the hedge, however our neighbour has said he will not allow it as it keeps his garden private. The trees are planted on our side. There is a fence all the way around the outside of the hedge marking the boundary, however the neighbour insists half the hedge is his. It is so wide it encroaches on his property quite significantly, but is clearly planted on our side? Does anyone know if he can stop us removing our hedge? He has said he is going to remove the boundary fence to make the hedge the boundary and thus jointly owned, but it looks like it is planted nearly 3ft into our garden, and was planted by the previous owners of this property? 

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