London (change)


About me:I have a large garden (well it is for me) and grow flowers on the hot sunny south facing side and on the more shaded side I grow some vegetables. This year though like everyone else the only things that have really thrived are the snails and slugs, mind you I have often seen the pair of blackbirds that nest nearby having a feast, and my little plastic growhouse has a very large satisfied frog who lives at the bottom so I can grow seedlings in there quite safely . I have a pond that had fish once but now has water lilies and frogs only. Tomatoes are doing well now though late and leeks too thin. My son acquired an allotment this year so I had ordered potatoes and grew tomatoes which he started off with and now has 17 varaties of vegetables growing well. The slugs ate the lovely beans and courgettes but even they are struggling to regrow. He is a complete novice in the field but is eager to learn and of course there is always help at hand on an allotment we gardeners love to exchange knowledge !
more coming soon...