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Anyone name this bee magnet please?

Posted: 17/02/2014 at 22:17

I don't see it as a dull shrub when it is so vital to early emerging pollinators at this time of the year, I call it a lifeline and the absolute reason to grow it. The perfume is certainly an added bonus though


Anyone name this bee magnet please?

Posted: 17/02/2014 at 17:45

Hello All,

Thank you all so much for your replies they are appreciated!

Now that I have been out and had another look I can confirm that it is indeed a Winter Honeysuckle Plan (Lonicera fragrantissima)

It is actually one planted in my neighbours garden but hans over into ours and is great for early pollinators.

I will ave to read up about propagation and then see if I can blag some cuttings as this is a great shrub and I reckon would be really nice grown in my loose wildlife hedge, especially in a group of three or so!



Anyone name this bee magnet please?

Posted: 17/02/2014 at 00:00

Hi All,

I have this wonderful shrub in my mixed hedge that is simply brilliant for early Spring pollinators but as I didn't plant it I'm not sure what it's called. Can anyone help me please?

And with Bumblebee Bombus terestris on today.....


Many thanks



Bee Magnet Hanging Baskets

Posted: 27/01/2014 at 23:16

Hi Matt,

this is something that I have also been thinking about and on my list at the moment for my summer baskets are.

Scabious - one of the dwarf with nectar such as S Columbardia

Dwarf Campanula (something like C Carpatia) will hang over the edges

Trailing Lobellia - again to hang over the edges

Salvia 'Nemerosa' for some height again a small variety with blue/purple spires

That's what I thinking if it's of use to you or anyone else.


Big garden bird watch

Posted: 27/01/2014 at 19:14

Ah good idea I shall try that later, just off out for a moth identification session!!...

Advice please

Posted: 27/01/2014 at 18:51

What about a length of the foot wide trellis on top of the fence (if your neighbour agrees) and go for some climbers like Honeysuckle that the birds and insects will love?

I agree with Cotoneaster and Pyracantha will give good berries and nesting sites for birds once established, as it is thorny it will also add security?

One of the key things for wildlife is to have a mix of plants to support different species so a mix of the ideas above would be a good idea maybe?

Big garden bird watch

Posted: 27/01/2014 at 18:40

I don't know that we are but a few have mentioned that they got emails but I don't know in what context.

I'm still unsure if my results have gone in or not...

Big garden bird watch

Posted: 27/01/2014 at 18:37

Can I ask if those of you who have registered your results successfully have received an email confirming please?

I still don't know if I've been successful or not!

Big garden bird watch

Posted: 26/01/2014 at 23:05

Nut - Intrigued by your large black bird, had to be raven, rook, crow or jackdaw? The only other large black bird I can think of is cough but highly unlikely unless you live up a mountain!!?...

Fairygirl - I'm in North Somerset close to an area called Kenn Moor, now this would have once formed part of the wider 'Somerset levels' but has long since been divided from them. Where they have the flooding now is probably 20-30miles away. At one time the fields at the back of us would flood at a high Spring tide but this stopped when they build the Bristol Channel sea wall in the Clevedon area in the 1960s/70s. We still get completely water logged but fortunately it's not got any worse than that, although the garden is pretty much out of bounds for the winter months!

My Reed Buntings were typically back this morning!!...


Big garden bird watch

Posted: 26/01/2014 at 18:40

Good count that nutcutlet and great to see others get garden Reed Buntings also!

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