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Posted: 17/08/2012 at 23:58

Hi - Christopher 2...                                                                                      Thanks for your response to my question, on how to bring Gerbera back from the brink, but what I really need to know Chris... Is how can i bring them back once they start failing, hope you know what i mean here.

I took out about six inches of soil twelfth inches in circumference, enough to put in two six inch potted plants at the bottom of the hole i put in a layer of well rotted ten years to be exact mushroom compost, on top of that i put in ah springaling of blood-fish-&-bone, put in the potted Gerbera plants, back filled in around firmed it up, then gave the Gerbera plants ah good soaking, that day they looked fine, the next day they looked ah bit limp, and so far they have not improved, one bit.

So Christopher what i am looking for is someone who may have the right antidote. To bring my Gerbera plants, back to how they should be, do you have that answer or do you know somone who may have the answer, to share with ah fellow flower gardener.

This i feel is the information i trully need to know, wee grow plants like they are new life, and wee then want them then to have that life, in the Flower Garden wee have created for them.

Thanks for coming back to me Christopher 2... As ah fellow gardener and it was great to hear you also grow Gerbera Plants as well and it has been good to corresponding with you on our Gerbera Flowers.





Posted: 17/08/2012 at 16:58

Hi - One and all.                                                                                                I need the Help of fellow Gardeners, who grow Gerbera flowers, when these plants are in their Flower Pots, everything is all right, but as soon as i transfare them from Flower-Pots to garden they go back on me,

I suffered the the very same experience last year but though i had picked the wrong location to put them in where they had direct Sunshine all day long.

Now because these Flowers come in many colours and always look good these are flowers i really want to have in my Flower Garden.

Any Help that can be offered will be appreciated and it will save these plants from ending up in the compost bin before their time.

I do hope a fellow gardener of flowers can Help me here.

Ra - Noo...

John McVicar...

Talkback: Ask Adam

Posted: 24/04/2012 at 13:39
Weather wise in England differs to that in Scotland do you know how far behind wee are in Scotland. To you Guy's in England Re the start of the Growing season.

John McVicar
High Ruchill
Right below the Campsie Fell's

Native Wildlife Hedging

Posted: 04/03/2012 at 01:00

Hi - Mrs Spratt...                                                                                                           If you have neighbours who have gardens they could perhaps let their hedge grow a bit longer than usual to let you then take cuttings.

It all depends on how close you are to the Sea, as to how long it would take your Hedge to take root if you are a fair way from the sea, then their should be no problem

But if you are close to the Sea, its better to get cuttings from one of your Neighbours, because these cutting will be well used to the salt in your soil witch should diminish as the years go buy, but that said if its cuttings you are using then its better to use a spade and to force your spade into the soil to the depth of the spit of your spade, whilst waggling your spade put your cutting in then give it plenty of welly this should force out any trapped air.

Now once you get your cutting in if this is what your using it may take your cuttings three good years before they get established in-to your soil, they will grow but it will be slow growth.

If you getting your Private, or Hawthorn, from a Gardening Centre they should give you a little advice on how to bring your young plants on, as in feeding instructions take all advice offered.

Their are several ways to lay out your hedge, before planting it for quick results you could put in two rows of Private, but stagger the plants like one and one and where the and is above you put one of your cuttings in the other row should have a plant at each one of the one's above here and you need at least two half feet between the two Row's for best results.

If you have any problems understanding whats above maybe the best way i could explain it to you would be to send you an E-Mail...

All the very best of luck top you...

And the laying of your Hedge.

High - Ruchill

What do I need for my greenhouse?

Posted: 03/03/2012 at 23:53

Hi - Meema...                                                                                                        It's best to start of in a small way, by growing plants that are easy to grow, like small tomato plants, say two or three different varieties, perhaps some peppers again try a few different varieties.

Now tools everyone starts of with a few tools, but as time goes by you end up with all sorts of tools, big in size, as well as small tools, if you have Family you will most likely get tools as presents, from Family, and Friends, and like minded Peepul to your-self.

Gardening... comes in three different sizes in my mind.                                        You start of in a small way, then you may get the Bug for growing all types of Plants, Shrubs Trees and Garden Plants, Greenhouse Plants, Houseplants, the range is absolutely fantastic, my self  I am addicted to Garden Centres, and the like, you go out looking for a Bargain, and end up spending Mega Bucks, Gardening is one of my addictions, by I am also an Aviary Culturist, & The Friends of Groups, as in Parks, & Green Spaces.

I hope I have not lost you here, but I could be addicted to worse things, as you may know but with Gardening pursuits, their are No bounds, and No end to the learning curve once you start, and some of that learning will stay with you, and some bits will drop of, so this is where Gardeners World.   Comes in real handy and as Gardeners, wee all learn of one and other, their are No Professional Gardeners as such, its just some of Us know and remember more, and being as their are No Professionals... it takes out any kind of Snobbery and puts us all on the same footing and as it should be in this really Great Hobby, of Gardening.

I sometimes go over to South of Ireland to see some Friends over their where all types of Gardening is high on their agenda, but so is keeping Pigs, & Poultry, all for their own private use in the main, they don't tend to sell things, it's more a swapping of things for other things, I have to much of something, i swap with you for something this way know money changes hands.

Sorry Meema...                                                                                             But being a mear Man i have drifted here and their to my likes as in hobby's and Gardening & Gardening & Gardening things.

Hope this somewhat Help's


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