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Inspiration and ideas needed

Posted: 28/09/2012 at 11:37

The good news is that you have done a lot of the hard work - we also made a garden from scratch and it can be a bit daunting! Planting is the good bit. I like the dark sleepers and think it will look great if you plant some green trailing plants spilling over the front edge. I don't know what kind of garden look you are going for or whether you are a beginner - plants that have worked well for me as a total beginner with a chaotic style have been lavatera (mallow), agastache, fuschia, euonymous (but be warned there are many varieties so check the one you're buying!), marguerites, broom, perovskia, lavender (although your soil may be a bit heavy), hardy geraniums, phormium and phlox. If you're worried about the fences why not just plant climbers over them - I planted a montana clematis on our north-facing wall and it has run rampant (about 3m x 3m coverage in 18 months). I've also planted a small magnolia on the north facing side and it seems to be thriving. RHS do an excellent book called 'Plants for Places' which may help. Good luck, and remember to take pictures as you go along - then if you get discouraged you can remind yourself what was there before!

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