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The mystery of the disappearing hedgehogs

Posted: 22/10/2012 at 18:35

Now is not the time of year to stop putting out food for hedgehogs to make them think about hibernation.  They need it now more than ever if they are to put on weight.  Small hedgehogs seen out should be caught and weighed.  If they weigh less than 650g they need to be taken indoors, put in a warm box and given catfood and water and then got to a hedgehog carer as soon as possible.  They are unlikely to survive the winter on their own.  Its also worth knowing that slugs are not great fiends of hedgehogs are they contain a parasite than can be fatal to hogs.  That is why 'good food' is vital.  Cat biscuits are easy to provide.  Put in a covered area, slab on bricks would do they keep dry and it keeps the cats/foxes from eating them.  Water should always be available, they get very thirsty.

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