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More ID

Posted: Yesterday at 20:41

The tree could be Catalpa biginoides. The warmer the clime the bigger the leaves. 

Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: Yesterday at 20:39

Watched the prog on Friday with the large cherry trees. Did anyone else feel the borders were unfinished with no edging round them?? I feel an edging would have 'crisped' them up. And there did not seem to be much for the money (£5000). I know the trees were £300+ each but even so. 

Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: 19/07/2016 at 13:37

I thought spending half the budget of 6000 pounds on the three steel planters was a bit ott. I would have preferred wooden ones and proper paving you could sweep. The one glaring thing about the design was that there was no height anywhere - it was all very flat which I think made it less interesting.

Seriously overgrown garden...PLEASE HELP

Posted: 18/07/2016 at 16:11

The bit to the left of the steps may have been a lawn at one point. You could try strimming it and digging out most of the big weeds. Once it is strimmed cut it with a lawn mower then give it a dose of lawn weedkiller. After a few weeks give it a lawn feed and keep it cut regularly. It may come back as a lawn and that would help you a bit.

Plan of action:

get rid of the rubbish

spray the paths

spray the beds and borders (if you wish)

strim the 'lawn'

cut it with a mower and put down lawn weedkiller

yank up all the now dead weeds from the paths

attack the borders with a spade digging out all the now dead weeds

keep the grass cut and then after a month put down grass feed.

keep digging the borders................

Seriously overgrown garden...PLEASE HELP

Posted: 18/07/2016 at 13:52

You have a big job on your hands. If your are on your own it is going to take a long time to sort it all out.  First of all get rid of all the rubbish. Then I would first use weedkiller on your paths and paving. Something like Pathclear which will stay in the soil for months and prevent new weeds growing. Invest in a 5litre sprayer (about £10). It will take a few weeks for the weeds to go brown. Pull them out. Once your paths are clear and clean it will start to look a lot better. Once that is done, start on the beds and borders. You can do this by concentrating on one area at a time and dig everything out and dispose. It will take you weeks or months depending on how much time and energy you have to spend. I would start at the areas closest to the house ie. the bits you can see from the kitchen or any other windows. That will give you heart.

You could spray all the borders in a oner using something like Weedol which will just kill the green stuff but not poison the soil. That will stop the weeds seeding while you get round to digging them out. Are there any garden plants among your weeds? You need to be careful and not spray them. 

Don't aim too high. Gardens take time and time spent now digging the stuff out properly will pay dividends in the long run. You can continue digging the weeds out even over the winter so perhaps aim for spring next year to get the garden ready to plant. Keep a watchful eye out on the bits you have cleared and be ready to dig out anything which pops up again. 

You may think about strimming the lot before applying weedkiller but I think the more foliage of a plant is sprayed the quicker it will die. 

Good luck and more pics please. The sense of achievement will be tremendous once you do get it cleared and begin planting.

In the meantime, this would be a good time to go round your friends gardens and take bits/cuttings etc. Pot them up now and you will have some plants ready to go come the spring. . 

Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: 17/07/2016 at 18:07

'Has anyone noticed the big difference in the drawn designs? The Rich brothers drawings are quite dark whereas Charlie uses a lot of bright green and light brown. Do you think that makes a difference to their 'saleability'??

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Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: 15/07/2016 at 20:14

Is anyone watching Garden Rescue with Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers? It's good to see them ding gardens on a tight budget and a not so tight budget but I am not too impressed with the designs so far. 

help to identify this plant?

Posted: 15/07/2016 at 12:14

Rhus typhina by the looks of it. It will grow into a tree and is very prone to sending out runners when under stress.

Artificial turf

Posted: 12/07/2016 at 17:50

I did think about bark/rubber chippings but reckon the kids would throw it around. And rubber matting looks too ugly in a small garden. Will check out my local supplier of astro-turf. Thanks all.

Artificial turf

Posted: 12/07/2016 at 10:13

i am thinking of doing a separate area in the garden for the kids stuff, swings, slides etc. And thinking of using artificial turf for the ground cover rather than grass. Is this a goer? Any pros or cons welcome!

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