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Ground cover planting

Posted: Yesterday at 22:54

They are both fairly rampant in their own way - vinca minor probably the slower of the two to seek world domination. If you started off with say half a dozen plants of each, depending on your budget of course, in a few years you should have a good spread and be able to take off sets from the geranium to colonise bare bits. 

Anyone knows this type of rose?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:48

Looks like an old English one. Have you had a look at the David Austen site?

Strictly 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 21:14

Watched both shows tonight. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more of Judge Rinder, Will Young and the long jumper. I normally fast forward through everyone's comments apart from Craig.

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Posted: Yesterday at 17:35
Dovefromabove I'm having to reboil my grape and rosemary jelly 

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See original post

 I feel for you ! 😢

Forsythia - Will I damage it if I cut back hard now?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:25

I always go by the best time to do something is when I have the energy or time regardless of season. Sometimes I win sometimes I lose but unless it is something really precious I just go for it. Always another planting opportunity if it fails!

Ground cover planting

Posted: Yesterday at 17:22

Vinca minor has dark purple flowers and I think there is a white one. Vinca major has bluesy purple flowers. Alchemilla  mollis would do ok and will self seed around.  

Sorry but I used Weedkiller

Posted: Yesterday at 10:18

My first thought was camomile....

Asbestos path

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 09:31

Is it the asbestos sheeting that was used for roofing? If so then it is quite safe to just dig it out. if you lay a new path over it it will be at least four inches higher which may look a bit odd.

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Plants and shrubs used by local housing association

Posted: 22/09/2016 at 22:18

I think all councils use the same list of shrubs no matter where they are. The only place I have noticed different plantings are on roundabouts where we have themes going ie seaside planting complete with old wooden boat, Japanese style roundabout with bamboos, acers etc, Scottish hillsides with Betula Jacquemontii multi stemmed, azaleas and heathers. Our councils now also have wild flower meadow roundabouts which are lovely. Apart from that, the rest of the stuff is just common or garden shrubs and bedding. And roses. 

Oh dear !

Posted: 22/09/2016 at 14:55

The Chelsea chop is done in May time. Not sure from your post when you did this? Sedums are fairly hardy plants - I am sure you will not have killed it. 

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