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plant I don't have but would love

Posted: Today at 13:33

I have a dierama next to my pond and it has self seeded into the gravel. Tough as old boots - has come through those really bad winters a couple of years ago when it spent 2 months under snow. I have the large pinky one (pulcherimum) and a smaller growing orangier one.

I would like a tree fern but too cold and wet here for it. Tree ferns grow in NZ don't they so the climate is fairly similar. Don't know why they don't like it here.

Lawn edges

Posted: Today at 13:17

There is also Smartedge, a black plastic strip that I use - makes a superb edge which you don't see.

Poppy seed head

Posted: Today at 10:52

I shall keep seeds of Coral Reef just in case, for you.

Poppy seed head

Posted: Yesterday at 21:00

My Coral Reef is a lot paler so not the right one. Sorry!

Garden design

Posted: Yesterday at 17:22

You must remember that gardens evolve a lot. I have been gardening for umpteen years and I am still changing things. Taking a shrub out here, a new bit of paving there, putting new plants in over there. That's the nice thing about gardening - nothing is too permanent!

Garden design

Posted: Yesterday at 16:05

Try going to your local library and see what they have there. John Brookes was a very good designer but maybe a bit old fashioned now. The Marshalls catalogue is a good place to start - lots of pictures and some good design tips. Cleve West is a designer I like - perhaps have a look at his website.

Start with measuring your garden accurately and get that down on paper. Make it as big as you can. Use lining paper or buy at least some a3 paper.  Note which way it faces, any drains, stuff you need screening etc etc. The JB book will guide you through all this. You then need to make a list of what you want in the garden and what you need in the garden ie clothes poles, shed etc. Once you have decided what is going where on your plan, you can go out into the garden and mark it out so you have an idea of scale on the ground. .

Before you get your landscapers in, you must have a good idea on what you want, where you want it and how big it is going to be. They may or may not have some ideas of their own.

shrubs/small trees

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 21:09

Small trees can be anything up to 10m high. If you are happy with that then try the RHS plant finder site for suggestions. I am sure there are some cherry trees which are smaller than that. Some Juniper Skyrocket dotted along would give you some height but remaining slim. Most medium sized shrubs can be kept to within 6 ft with some judicious pruning. My garden centre has their shrubs divided into small, medium and large. It may be worthwhile for you to have a look at yours to get some ideas.

Moving established shrubs

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 20:55

Are you hoping to move them now or sometime in the future?

Is there such as thing as a potted tall evergreen climber?

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 20:53

I would go for one of the smaller growing evergreen clematis or honeysuckle which would be a lot hardier.

pest control

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 20:45

Concrete will not solve the problem of rats. Were you thinking of building your raised beds on concrete? How would they drain? They really need to be built on earth. I would go ahead and build the beds and just keep an eye out. If you do spot more rats then you will have to call the pest control out again. If your neighbour is seeing them, any chance she could call them out?

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