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Plant Choices

Posted: Yesterday at 21:59

Hello and welcome. We are in the main a UK based gardening forum so probably will not be able to give you any help. Perhaps try one closer to home? Sorry! The structure looks lovely by the way!

Bird droppings around feeders

Posted: Yesterday at 11:32

Fact of nature I'm afraid. No grow seed will help the germination problems if any. 

Plant ID

Posted: Yesterday at 11:29

Just coming into flower now. 

Plant ID

Posted: Yesterday at 11:28

It grows like a weed in my garden. Seeds itself. I grow it beside my pond in full sun and gravel. 

Can anyone identify these

Posted: Yesterday at 11:23

Who needs photos!

Heather question

Posted: Yesterday at 10:31

Do you mean white flowers? 

How do I make this area look beautiful?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:29

Have you tried digging st various points along the fence. It could be that the builders have been a bit over generous with the concrete for the posts. I would have another go and even try digging out the rubble. In the ground is much better than pots. 

Can anyone identify these

Posted: Yesterday at 10:13

The daisy one could be giant scabious. Is it pale yellow?

Greenhouse Frame

Posted: Yesterday at 10:11

Aluminium does get pitted over time and nothing you can do about it. Common or garden dirt will come off with a scrubbing brush and hot soapy water. I would put a splash of jeyes fluid in it as well. 

Feeling jinxed or going colour blind?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:07

I think it's Roxie. 

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