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What is this plant?

Posted: Today at 00:09

A photo would be helpful!

Completely had enough of cats now!

Posted: Yesterday at 23:05

I have had cats for many years, all with indoor litter trays, and I really don't think their poos are that messy. They are just regular t*rds. Neighbours cats do their business in my garden, I do though object when people let their dogs poo at my step or beside the garage. Now that is  bad news. And its more than 10 times bigger than a cat's poo. 

Id please?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:08

You may want to pull the bramble out.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:02

I have tried all the rest over the years - the only thing that works in my garden are slug pellets.

Limestone Quarry Wall Planting

Posted: Yesterday at 18:55

Are you looking to grow something up it or in it?

Creating a truly mosquito free pond

Posted: Yesterday at 14:10

I have a pump and fish in my pond and every year at the end of July beg August I get covered in bites from 'something' around the pond.

Tomatoes? Tomatoes!

Posted: Yesterday at 14:08

Pot them into 35cm pots, they will be fine. As long as you keep them fed when the first fruits form.

Why are you thinking of cutting the flowers off?

No way of telling which is which variety unless the leaves are slightly different.  Althpugh Red Alert is a traily type plant so you may well tell which is which from their habit. 

Last edited: 22 May 2017 14:08:26

Under planting

Posted: Yesterday at 12:09

No. Go ahead and plant at will.

So I went to buy some solar lights.....

Posted: Yesterday at 10:58

Join the club. 

Jam jar flowers

Posted: Yesterday at 10:35

Ditto here.

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