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Mystery plant

Posted: 16/06/2016 at 21:13

A allium?

Crambe Cordifolia

Posted: 16/06/2016 at 11:21

It was not hardy with me in central Scotland.

Grass to gravel

Posted: 16/06/2016 at 11:17

I have done brick circles in the garden. Laid on a base of sand. You get stuff from the builders merchants for in filling. It comes in tubs, about 45 quid a tub, like fine silica sand which sets. Just brush it in. I have also laid a circle and just brushed a weak mix of sand and cement in the cracks.

Progress update

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 14:49

I get the same on my pc using IE or Microsoft Edge. Get the camera icon when I use Chrome.

Not happy

Posted: 05/06/2016 at 16:22

SIgn in and click on your user name. Click on My Settings. There should be an Edit button on your profile picture. Click on that and a box pops up which has a Browse button and a Save button. Click on the Browse button and it takes you to your PC where you can choose a photo. Then click on the Save button. All instructions for a PC. Are you on a pc, an ipad or phone?

b) start a new thread and click on the camera icon to the right of the screen.



Posted: 03/06/2016 at 14:34


Any feedback on the problems I (and some others) are having using Firefox to access the site ie mobile phone layout on a PC running Windows 10. It makes it virtually impossible to use the site in this fashion.

I changed to Firefox on Daniel/yourself recommendation when I reported that it was taking multiple attempts on the back arrow for it to 'work'. Although using Firefox 'fixed' this problem, the mobile phone layout is unusable. I am now using Microsoft Edge, their Windows 10 browser, to access the site but it too has the same problems with the back arrow. I do not have this problem with any other forum that I use (and I am a member of quite a few!).

I understand that you have a list of priorities but the ability to access the website in a usable manner with your recommended browser should be high up that list.


Large Shrub Pruning Advice please

Posted: 01/06/2016 at 11:39

The one on the right is a viburnum I think. With white flowers later on. If so it can be trimmed back quite radically now (at the loss of the flowers this year). The euonymus is hardly worth the saving. Pull it out and buy another! Or if you are really in to lame ducks, cut it all back down to the new shoots but it will take a few years even to look half ok.

Titchmarsh oin Chelsea FS 2016 Compost Heap?

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 19:37

PS. I would love to see the personal garden all these well known gardening gurus. I have seen Carol's of course and did see Joe's - quite small and urban.  

Titchmarsh oin Chelsea FS 2016 Compost Heap?

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 19:34

I like Joe Swift and Carol Klein is a proper plantswoman. Wish I knew a fraction of what she does!

ID please

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 19:18

Or a geum?

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