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Seedlings and propagation

Posted: 19/03/2016 at 11:22

I was thinking of the all the junk that comes through the door too. I get plenty of that here.

Seedlings and propagation

Posted: 19/03/2016 at 10:59

That's a groovy little gadget Lyn

Seedlings and propagation

Posted: 19/03/2016 at 10:51

You have been really busy aym280! Your house must be bulging


Posted: 19/03/2016 at 10:47

I get my tools from a car booty or local auctions. You can pick things up for a £1 a go.  I think I must have a border spade as it's a lot smaller than the one my partner uses. It's not so heavy and easier to use

Gardeners World Tonight

Posted: 19/03/2016 at 10:43

Always good to see a bit of gardening on the TV. Enjoyed the Clem bit, the smaller ones are so pretty, not seen a lot of them before.

Seedlings and propagation

Posted: 19/03/2016 at 10:40

It's amazing how many plants you can get from packet of seeds, I'm always trying to sow thinly but can't help doing a few more........just for luck. Pots seem to reproduce here, I started off with none last year, got heaps now. Guaranteed I won't have enough of a particular size though.

One of the local nurseries here, lets you have their spare pots, you can also bring any unwanted ones back. Saves buying them.


Anyone started there cosmos seeds yet?

Posted: 17/03/2016 at 19:26

Beautiful pics, haven't seen the Antiquity type before.

My first seeds are in and  I popped into Wilkos for some cosmos seeds but they were sold out, so came back with some larkspur, scabious and some echium blue bedder. Not grown the echium before but it's meant to be good for the bees.

Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: 17/03/2016 at 19:11

Beautiful day here. My first seeds are sown, snapdragons, some dwarf asters, sweet peas and night scented stock. Divided clumps and re planted snowdrops and grape hyacinths. So lovely to be outside, a few bees and some ladybirds about


Anyone started there cosmos seeds yet?

Posted: 16/03/2016 at 19:59

Tomorrows the day for me. I usually grow the tall ones but the get to big for my garden will be doing the dwarf ones this year. I'll use a propagator outside in my cold frame.

I don't generally pinch out these plants but it would make them bushier I guess


Posted: 16/03/2016 at 19:44

Thanks Gardengirl, I'm chuffed with it, especially the doors. He made it all out of recyled free objects.

I think I can get 4 seed propagators comfortably per shelf so that's a lot of room for me to fill up. I've got boxes of stashed seeds but I think I will be doing some seed shoping tomorrow

It's great to see the first new shoots, are you expecting them any day?


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