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Plant ID

Posted: Yesterday at 16:55

Well if you can get seed to germinate once, you can do it again!  However, it may require a longer summer than we can give it to set seed, so the greenhouse might have to be the answer. 



Posted: Yesterday at 16:04

The 'tree', is eucryphia x intermedia, I think, from the leaf, which is more leathery than that of  eucryphia x nymansensis, diffcult to be certain from the pictures. It prefers a good bit of soil away from the hottest sun, and off shallow chalky sites. Quite an unusual tree. The flowers shouldn't be such a fleeting show, but that one has suffered, perhaps from drought, where it is.  A good feed and mulch in spring will do it no harm at all.

The golden leafed shrubby thing is leycesteria formosa 'Golden Lanterns', which will seed itself about quite freely.  Common name, Pheasant Berry.  It'll look after itself, really, but you can prune out much of the older wood in spring.  

Top one might be a phlox. Can't really tell, sorry. 



Posted: Yesterday at 15:17

Get 'em under trees and taller shrubs, especially deciduous and lighter more airy ones. Give them a good watering in and hopefully that will be all you need to do. They naturalised superbly in the woodland bit of the garden I grew up in, all over the ground and even out into the grass paths.  Are they cyclamen coum (spring), or the autumn C. hederifolium?


Juniper ID

Posted: Yesterday at 15:14

Brilliant ident notes. Useful tip that, ta.  I should have thought of abies. They really are treasures for the garden, but so rarely available, even from suppliers, such is the lack of interest in conifers, generally, sadly. 


Plant ID

Posted: Yesterday at 15:09

Look at leonotis leonurus. 


Corkscrew Hazel twigs

Posted: Yesterday at 14:51

Find someone with a mature plant. How close to Winchester are you?!


Greenhouse identification

Posted: Yesterday at 12:09

If it's aluminium framing, many of the generic spare parts will fit and you may not need the specific brand.  I don't think those numbers will be searchable on their own.  


Is it dead and what is growing out of this!!!??

Posted: Yesterday at 10:18

Apologies for some of my spelling - hope you translated ok!


Is it dead and what is growing out of this!!!??

Posted: Yesterday at 10:17


So many questions!  I'll try.

The juniper in the fire bucket - has the bucket got drainage holes? It must have, or the plant will get soggy and die.

The grey rosetted plant with the 'weird' extension is an echeveria and the extension is pribably coming up to flower bud. Pretty salmony orange flowers. It may be too late for the flowers to from, though.

The hydrangea - yes, you can trim off the flower heads, if they annoy you, but there is an argument that the old heads will protect the plant through the winter and you can cut them off in mid- to late March next year, which is normal for pruning that sort of hydrangea. Up close to the wall there it'll be alright to tidy it now.

Generally the planting is too dense and one or two of the plants will grow to large for the site, but that can be tackled next spring.  The green brittle plant will spread as it has down, but if bis break offlike that it's easily kept small, isn't it?!

Question for you -  Is it a warm spot, sunny?


Edible hedges, trained fruit trees and herbal ground cover...

Posted: Yesterday at 09:54

So many of our 'vegetables' are ornamental and, in fact, runner beans were just that, grown as ornamentals prior to the use of the pods.  The coloured forms of chard are spectacular in a herbaceous border, too. Fruit trees, too, are very useful for their sometimes breathtaking shows of flower early in the year.  However, I love to see a well ordered allotment style veg garden (perhaps with rows of flowers in it), too.  Your post today just shows how useful, varied, attractive and interesting our gardens can be.


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