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Independence Day?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:48

Wayside, I wonder if the two lads would say the same to a paramedic of the same nationality scraping them off the road.


Posted: Yesterday at 17:44

Evening all. 

Busy , busy , busy.

More planting in the tropical ( ish ) bed and more raised beds built.

3 loads of laundry to boot.


Posted: Yesterday at 14:41

doesn't half relieve the tension Dove.

Independence Day?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:37

Sorry bee witched, I missed your 4 Yorkshiremen comment. 

Independence Day?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:32

14th of July is coming up fast Dove.


Posted: Yesterday at 14:28

Has anyone seen this ?


Posted: Yesterday at 14:26

friends of our suse a pub in Hampshire which still has a meat raffle

Independence Day?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:18

Val, to clarify. I was talking about MY generation. My first flat was 2 rooms with a corridor and a loo at the end, not even a wash hand basin, but it was mine. 

I fear this could all turn a bit 4 Yorkshiremen.

Nobody has had it easy, nor do they now. There's no point in calling people " rich babyboomers" or " the spoon fed generation", it doesn't help.

I'm sorry if I offended, it was not my intention.

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Posted: Yesterday at 14:13

We have two old boys, ( I'd say 70s ) who come into Waitrose. Brothers who seem to have lived all their lives on the same farm. 

The first time I heard them speak to one of my colleagues, I asked if that was Cornish they were speaking. After much laughter, he said " No, English!!"

I served one at the check out once..... I just nodded and smiled. Whew, got away with it.

Independence Day?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:15

My point is to say one generation had/ has it all easy and that another had/ has it all hard is just nonsense.

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