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Winter hanging baskets

Posted: Today at 10:28

I know they CAN be lovely, and no doubt yours will be Joyce, but I'm talking about those sorry specimens you see by people's front doors as you drive about.

I think the trouble with Winter baskets is that folk don't realise they still need to be watered.


Posted: Today at 10:11

Pat, I couldn't agree more my Dear. 


Winter hanging baskets

Posted: Today at 10:09

IMHO  I think 90% of summer hanging baskets are a let down, but 99% of winter hanging baskets just look rubbish.

I'm happy for someone to prove me wrong.


Posted: Today at 09:52

Morning all. 

Late on parade once more. 

Hubby home so cuppa in bed and now he's doing breaky. What a treat.

Gorgeous sunny, wind free day and I'll be stuck in Waitrose from 12. booo hisss.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:27

I might well be wrong, again, but isn't that a green aeonium?

Agapanthus midge

Posted: Yesterday at 20:24

Surely if you remove the whole flower head as soon as you see them, you'll get rid? Or have I missed some salient point? Nowt new there though.

Mercifully I've not seen any so far.

Wisteria sinensis

Posted: Yesterday at 20:22

pp, it's not that hard honest. 

Prune back whippy new growth in July to about 5 buds, then shorten those shoots to about 2 / 3 buds in January.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:42

Under " The Road Traffic Act" , if you're involved in an accident and an ambulance is called, you're billed for it. 

Same should apply to lifeboats / mountain rescue.

Wisteria sinensis

Posted: Yesterday at 19:39

clear away the soil and you should be able to rub that little shoot off with your fingers.

Cut off the shoot growing to the right. 

You can see the top of the rootstock in the bottom photo. It's the little spur where it's been trimmed back. If that makes sense??


Posted: Yesterday at 19:33

Send her a flippin' bill I say, never mind a " safety briefing".

Folk risk their lives to rescue these eejits.

Last edited: 22 August 2016 19:34:07

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