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My first success!

Posted: Yesterday at 20:45

jump on in Pete, the water's lovely once you get used to it.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:42

that'll do fairygirl, I'm starvin'

Preperation for the big day!

Posted: Yesterday at 20:40

I met Bob Marley the year before he died.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:36


just  woke from siesta. 

OH still asleep. No idea what this means re din dins.

My first success!

Posted: Yesterday at 17:21

I like "  welcome to the madhouse"


BBC -entertainment or education?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:08

you can bet your bottom dollar that whatever MD uses costs a bl**dy fortune and was probably shipped in from Japan.


Posted: Yesterday at 16:56

DD , if only. I wish. x

My first success!

Posted: Yesterday at 16:47

Aw bless you Pete.


BBC -entertainment or education?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:30

totally agree B3



Posted: Yesterday at 16:29

we had an apartment in Goa for 7 years and spent 3 months there every winter.

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