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Posted: Today at 20:48

KEF no offence taken, honest.

Waitrose do pride themselves on being "different". Sometimes it works. 

Fairygirl I ripped the cartilage in my knee in January and I've not driven at work since then. 

I was on crutches for 6 weeks, including 2 on a prebooked holiday.

Much better now, gladly.

whisteria cuttings

Posted: Today at 20:18

You're right Sanjy, it's seeds I was thinking about. 

whisteria cuttings

Posted: Today at 19:50

I've read Wisteria cutting can take many , many years ( sometimes decades) to flower, but can't do any harm to try.


Posted: Today at 19:46

Waitrose don't have trackers. I don't know about others, but with us, as Partners , it's called Trust.


Posted: Today at 19:39

KEF none on the route, but I might have to pop along to one at lunchtime to recover.


Posted: Today at 19:37

Thanks for the concern Dove, you're very kind. 

I've delivered to both customers before so shouldn't have any issues with no sat nav / phone signal. ( one of the shortcomings of living here)  I'm sure I  can manage both in 2 hours.

First Petrol Mower

Posted: Today at 19:34

I had my own gardening business and never had anything but Hondas. 

Mountfield are now made in China and I've been warned off them due to terrible build quality.

Feeding Cannas

Posted: Today at 19:32

I split 5 largish 2 year old plant and ended up with 64 babies. Even some of those I thought were not worth have sprouted and to-day I had to pot many into bigger pots.

Gently strip away the compost with your finger to see if there's anything underground shooting. If you use your finger tip, you're unlikely to cause any damage.


Posted: Today at 19:27

Spend a very productive day in Tunnel with OH , out of the wind and rain. 

Potted on, pruned, sowed watered and added compost to raised beds.

Big News boys and girls!!! Tomorrow I'm taking out 2 , yes 2 deliveries. First since "the knee" incident in January.

A little nervous, but they've said if I'm in any pain they won't ask me again, just 2 random orders nowhere near any others so they called and asked if I'd consider it.



Please let me in!

Posted: Today at 09:38

I once found a peacock in a greenhouse at work. I called the RSPCA and asked for advice. she asked if i was sure it was a peacock and not just a pheasant. I replied.

" darling , if it's a pheasant, it's in drag" 

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