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Posted: Today at 00:36

Hi Jimmy. 

Fed up with the endless wind and rain is how I am.

How about you?

Camera Talk

Posted: Yesterday at 19:31

I went on that tour about a million years ago ( over 30 anyway ) Fairy. Thought it seemed familiar.

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:28

I emptied out some  dead primulas and squished vine weevil grubs.

To early to prune Buddlias and Roses ?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:25

Unless you're really far North, I'd say it's fine. 

Camera Talk

Posted: Yesterday at 19:02

Fairy, is that the one where the water is channeled underground?

Buying online

Posted: Yesterday at 18:58

Mercifully I can still buy wholesale from my old suppliers which keeps the cost down. Downside is they're all in Surrey so need to make a special trip. 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:49


Thanks Dove ,I shall check out our ( very small ) Deli counter asap.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:46

glad you're settling in Lizzie.

Used Tea Bags

Posted: Yesterday at 18:21

Steve, I remember reading an article, in The Garden which mentioned the removal of non rotting liners of kitchen bins from compost bins.

" it's like fishing a dead body from a canal using a boat hook"

 Wonderful image.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:18

Evening all. 

Sorry Steve, but I think Dove's lunch sounds yummy. Is it the egg bit which is subbed for black pudding, or black pudding with the egg in the middle? Either way sounds tempting.

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