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Plant ID

Posted: Today at 14:22

C. montana alba . Maybe Richard will see it and confirm 100%.

Trees in the centre of Manchester

Posted: Today at 10:45

I seem to remember them near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. 

They are often coppiced, like dogwood as this encourages stunning HUGE leaves especially if only one stem is allowed to grow.

Which edging shears for border log roll?

Posted: Today at 10:42

Lucid, I think there's a time limit, maybe 5 minutes on Edit, but my undertanding is that it certainly can't be done AFTER someone else has posted on the same thread. 

I might well be wrong though, as is often the case. 

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: Today at 10:36

Right, back from a rather stunningly attractive Doctor. Same ideas.. renal colic. My own GP is on leave this week so he said he thought it best to liaise with her next week when the hospital send their results through and take it from there. 

In response to suggestings , he's pretty much ruled out gall stones, food allergy, IBS, and Crohn's .

A lazy day pottering in the garden methinks will work wonders.

Kay8, I've got about 125 varieties and about 1,500 odd Hosta plants. Is that a lot? I don't think so. 

There's a nice grass called Elijah.

Trees in the centre of Manchester

Posted: Today at 08:33

sometimes called the Wisteria tree.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: Today at 08:24

Morning all. 

Fairy, another "abdo" pain episode yesterday. 999, ambulance, A&E the full works.

Seeing Doc this morning. Will keep you posted. 

Thanks again one and all for support and kind wishes.

Welcome Kayleigh. Keep up the good work with Hostas. 

Which edging shears for border log roll?

Posted: Today at 08:09

This is the very reason why I think nobody should ever buy "log roll" to edge a lawn.

Trees in the centre of Manchester

Posted: Yesterday at 19:04

paulonia tomentosum?

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: Yesterday at 19:00

Thanks for the support and kind wishes guys. My own GP is on holiday this week, so maybe whoever I see in the morning might well fly off at  a tangent which might lead to a diagnosis. 

I'll let you know when I get home. 

Any hope for these plants this year ?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:58

Most  will survive, but certainly give of their best this year. Hey ho. it's all part of gardening. 

I had a wee bit of damage on a couple of Hostas, but I think I was lucky , given how advanced some of them are. 

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