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Verbena Bon. question

Posted: Today at 17:56

Hubby cleared dozens / hundreds even seedlings from our gravel drive yesterday. I leave them to seed as the goldfinches love them, but I'm not very ruthless when it comes to removing the excess.

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 17:53

Topbird. For fear of being called racist " they all look the same to me " 

I did take a bit of glass paper to remove the rough bits, but that didn't increase the size of the hole. "He" was outside having a bit of a peck then he reached in further and further then just popped in. I don't know if he's been around the last few days as we've been busy in another part of the garden.

Who's visiting your bird feeders?

Posted: Today at 17:50

It faces East, but it's opposite the kitchen window so only gets the sun briefly in late afternoon as it passes by the house and the fence.

Why does gardening always have to be so messy!!!!

Posted: Today at 17:43

onesies on the school run??? NO

Small bush or shrub

Posted: Today at 17:38

I'd go with Daphne too.

Nut is , as ever , correct in saying it doesn't like being trimmed, but you say the space is 2m x 2m. Plenty of room for Daphne there.

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 17:36

Punkdoc. Win Win . I hope it all works out for you all. 

Who's visiting your bird feeders?

Posted: Today at 17:35

Liri, tee hee. About a fortnight. I'm so chuffed.

Why does gardening always have to be so messy!!!!

Posted: Today at 17:33

Punkdoc, guilty as charged. 

I'm about to do my round up of pots. It's like those films you see with all the crabs lined up ready to move up a size and the one behind ready to take over the shell. With me it's agapanthus

Abyssinian Gladioli

Posted: Today at 17:31

dead easy to grow. I couldn't get them to last more than one year, but I'd happily buy new each year.

Why does gardening always have to be so messy!!!!

Posted: Today at 17:23

I must be a filthy , lazy old mare. I've never washed pots. It'll rain on them,that'll do  , won't it?

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