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HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: Today at 19:05

Busy day. I've been clearing a horrid area at the front of the house. Ash tree removed before we moved here,but a very healthy stump with refuses to die. 

Choked with couch grass and that nasty little geum.

Gave up when Hubby came home from work. Just in time as we then had the most wonderful thunderstorm and downpour.

Must remember to clean my nails before work tomorrow. Alarm call at 6.45. EEK.

Plant id please!

Posted: Today at 19:02

marmite moment: I hate the smell, others love it.

Hosta treat

Posted: Today at 18:57

Another one on my list. 


HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: Today at 14:01

WW. No 1 grass looks like one Lyn gave me called Carex ice dance., No2 looks like Pampas grass. No idea on No 3.

Just popped in for a drink and a sit down. I've been clearing an areas which I've avoided tackling since we moved here. Ash stump , brambles, and masses of couch grass. I've filled the green bin up for the first time since we moved here. I daren't stick any of it in the compost bins.

Hubby working to-day and tomorrow. I'm working tommorrow.  Bank Holiday anyone?

Have fun out there, whatever you 're doing.

What have you decided NOT to grow this year?

Posted: Today at 09:39

I never grow anything which might be classed as " summer bedding" I find them all a bit too high maintenance.

Don't even start me on hanging baskets. 

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: Today at 09:25

Thanks Chicky. Much appreciated. 

I'll be spending most of the day in an office " catching up on training" on a rubbish computer. Hey ho, I'll be getting paid ( time and a half ) for it. 

Shrub ID please

Posted: Today at 09:23

They're not keen on being moved, in my experience. 


Posted: Today at 09:18

tee hee. 

"Don't mess with me madam" I thought to myself. I've been here for 20 minutes waiting to get to the front.

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: Today at 09:16

Steve, those of us who've been with JLP for a while still get "time and a half" on Sunday. There are still some who've been there for donkey's years who get "double time".

New Partners don't get it, hence they want to move those who do qualify out and replace them with new folk.


Posted: Today at 09:12

The last time we went to Chelsea ,we had an afternoon , 3pm entry tickets on the Tuesday. ( a gift from a client )

I thought we'd miss all the coach parties, as they'd be heading home. True enough, but we didn't factor in all the guys in suits joining their wives when they'd finished work. 

The show gardens were still 5 deep at 7.45pm.

I'm 6ft tall and OH is 6ft2 and we still struggled to see properly. 

Someone behind us said in a loud voice:

"You think these tall people would stand at the back and let everyone else see"

I replied, in an equally loud voice:

" When tall people get cheaper tickets than everyone else, perhaps they will. Until such times they will stand where they choose"

Cue titters .

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