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Posted: Today at 14:17

I once saw a car do the same in a supermarket car park. The driver left ,but I noted his Reg No. When the owner came back, as I was walking over to him, another guy, who had also seen what happened came over to.

We both had written down the same reg no ,and both gave our details and said we'd be happy to be witnesses.

A fortnight later , I saw the driver in the filling station and asked they'd got on;

" police weren't interested,it was on private land and they told me I'd have to take a civil action against the other driver"

Plant id please

Posted: Today at 14:09

glad to have been of help.


Posted: Today at 14:07

Mary, I love that idea. Would you mind if I copied it?

Talkback: How to save tomato seed

Posted: Today at 14:05

Lyn, I brought some seed back from Greece, a tiny cherry and a "beefsteak" type and they came true.

F1 hybrids won't though.


Posted: Today at 14:00

jo, he's flippin' gaaaawwwwwwwwwwwjus


Posted: Today at 13:58

I've dozens of hemerocallis in my garden and my neighbour's 9 , yes 9 cats are regular visitors, ( unfortunately )


Posted: Today at 13:57

there's the problem with "common names" again 

Plant id please

Posted: Today at 13:56

It makes a fine hedge

Plant id please

Posted: Today at 13:56

Lonicera Pileata


Posted: Today at 13:55

Afternoon forkers.

Just up from an early siesta. 

The only reason I got out of bed this morning was the arrival of Graham, our divine window cleaner, went back to bed after he'd gone.

The rain has now stopped , the wind dropped and now the sun is doing its best to shine.

A nice soak in the bath, then off to the hospital.

Gertie, it's a knee I'm having done. Quite like the sound of the warming sensation.

I'll, no doubt, be back on later with an update

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