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Free Council Compost

Posted: Yesterday at 20:22

Edd, to be fair, I had inserted said thermometer a few minutes earlier. 


Posted: Yesterday at 20:20

OH making beef rendang curry to-night. Yummity yum.

It's been in the over for hours now and the house smells delicious.

a good turn needs to be considered......

Posted: Yesterday at 20:19



Free Council Compost

Posted: Yesterday at 20:17

The only stuff I don't compost is bindweed and ground elder, everything else goes in ,even docks and weeds in seed.

I've done it this way for almost 40 years and have never had a problem. 

I one pulled a thermometer out of a compost bin and it was reading 120F

a good turn needs to be considered......

Posted: Yesterday at 20:01

The one I pulled out of a pot stung me yesterday Fritillary, honest it did.

Help with remembering plant name?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:59


Been following this one all day.

Well done Fritillary.

I'm trying to root this plant but will it work?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:57

Edd, some of us dream of our doors being broken down by the boys in blue.

a good turn needs to be considered......

Posted: Yesterday at 19:56

try alcohol Verdun. Not on it , but in you. Works a treat for me.

What exotic plants are you growing this year?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:54

Ryan, you can get those Bat plants in seed form. I'm sure they're pretty easily available.


Useful or useless mulch?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:52

Watery, and all the better if it's free eh? 

I just called the guy who brings mine and asked what he does with the stuff he has no customer for. When he told me he has to pay to dump it , I offered him a " dump" .

He just turns up and drops it where we've agreed. Win win situation.

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