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Clocks go forward tonight

Posted: Today at 19:06

actually laughing out loud at Dove's "smiley"

Trimming Lavender and Wisteria

Posted: Today at 19:01

The wisteria is young so doesn't need to be pruned, but it could do with more training to establish a better plant.  I'd add more wires / trellis and , after leaf-fall ( to make life easier) re-train it to cover more of the wall. Aim to have the stems about 1ft / 30cm apart vertically.


Posted: Today at 12:05

I love the dark ones Verdun, like Arabian Night and Nuit d'  été and Chat Noir, but I have some yellows and oranges too. After a few years of splitting ( and shopping ) the numbers soon  build up.

Before the darkness

Posted: Today at 12:01

I know there's only a given amount of daylight, but why change so early? Tomorrow it'll be light at 6am when most are still asleep  ,but dark at 6pm when most are up and about. That's the whole country having to switch on lights an hour earlier. Apart form the electricity suppliers, who does that help?

Arty question

Posted: Yesterday at 23:38

wasn't Escher born in the Netherlands?


Before the darkness

Posted: Yesterday at 23:32

I suddenly miss spending  3 months in Goa.  Birthday here on Dec 1st , then off next day and back last day of Feb.


Posted: Yesterday at 23:30

i agree with the spring seperation.  I have about 200 and I always do them in spring.


Tree Dahlia

Posted: Yesterday at 23:24

They can grow to 6m high.

Tree Dahlia

Posted: Yesterday at 23:23

I brought seeds back from a mountain side in Tamil Nadu. Dahlia Imperialis. They come well from seed, if you can get it.

ash from wood burner

Posted: Yesterday at 10:27

whew Dove, I thought I was heading into " senior moment" territory.

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