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christmas has come for me too.

Posted: Yesterday at 17:04

thanks Edd. I'll keep an eye  on that one in future



Posted: Yesterday at 16:55

have a good one runnybeak


tropical garden scheme

Posted: Yesterday at 16:20

any mention of Balham reminds me of Margo Leadbetter " oh they speak French in Balham but not Latin"


tropical garden scheme

Posted: Yesterday at 15:22

the following passage on winter clearance made me laugh out loud

  • This of course all needs to be cut down, chopped up and added to the compost bin.  The stems are cut down using secateurs.  These stems are then chopped into small sections using a machete
  • This is done over a large container to avoid having to pick too much up.
  • Because of the age we live in I feel compelled to state the obvious fact that a machete can cause serious personal injury, particularly if used when drunk.

tropical garden scheme

Posted: Yesterday at 15:03

This is in no way an advert, I don't think he even sells anything, but it's packed with lots of info regarding selection, growing and winter storage delivered in a very easily read, and witty  manner.


Happy Christmas

Posted: Yesterday at 14:18

Daniel, can we have a chatroom?? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!


christmas has come for me too.

Posted: Yesterday at 14:11

I like the idea of a chatroom because we'd not have to have a " topic" as such.

It's nice to have proper subjects you can follow when you have time, and to drop back in to see what's been said , but sometimes just a natter about nothing in particular might be nice too.

You never know, maybe in the future the powers that be might give it a trial run?????


christmas has come for me too.

Posted: Yesterday at 12:29

and to you tootles.

Compost Advice

Posted: Yesterday at 08:58

I'd agree with Edd, it'll be fine. Can't think you'll have to do much more than perhaps a bit of mixing and leaving it for a while.

Also agree that 2 or 3 bins is better. One to fill, one to "rot" and one being emptied is ideal. ( if there's room )

christmas has come for me too.

Posted: Yesterday at 08:55

indeed so Dove. I wish we had "chatroom" on this site. Would be lovely to have a real time natter.


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christmas has come for me too.

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