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Seed potatoes

Posted: Today at 19:45

just as well the spuds can't read the rule book eh?

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: Today at 19:43

Throwdown was FAB.

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: Today at 18:00

A day in the tunnel for me. Splitting gingers and cannas. Tomorrow is to be sunny all day and I'm going to be stuck on  a flippin' till all day. 

I thought , as I'm not driving, I'd not have to do my overtime, but no, they want to move me from driving onto the tills. ggrrrrr

No more overtime for the foreseeable. Far too much to do  in the garden now.

Is this tree peony reborn?

Posted: Today at 17:50

they look right to me

Seed potatoes

Posted: Today at 17:45

I just plant them when they're chitted. No idea if it's right, but the spuds don't seem to mind.

Blackbird nest not in a good place - what do I do?

Posted: Today at 17:43

considerably worse.

Blackbird nest not in a good place - what do I do?

Posted: Today at 14:32

Today at 14:19

Certainly - the rats are an issue....

Especially those north american rats with the bushy tails. They're the worst vermin.

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: Today at 11:34

back again. 

"Renal colic" seems the best guess but I'm being sent for a tummy xray to have a better look and I have to drop in " a sample"

Doc has suggested melatonin for sleep issues. Anyone tried it?

Bird disease

Posted: Today at 08:27

nor me. Sounds vile.

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: Today at 08:13

Morning all.

Asleep by at 2am. Will talk to Doc about it AND " the incident" from the other day. 

I've not seen my long tailed tits in a few days

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