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ID Please & Advice

Posted: Today at 10:54

I think it's now Fallopia b.

ID Please & Advice

Posted: Today at 10:53

Russian vine. Polygynum baldshuanicum.

It's a thug and can grow 8m in a year.


Posted: Today at 10:52

Morning all. 

8pm finish last night, so no watering in tunnels. Been at it this morning and have shown my lovely neighbour what's what so he can water when we're " up country" next week.

I'm always soooooooooooooo nervous about folk watering whilst I'm away.

We had more rain yesterday morning but it's been lovely since then.

Markings on hosta leaves

Posted: Today at 10:48

I've never seen pink markings,but other than that they look lovely . I'd not worry.

Typhoo, many of the variegated forms need sun to keep the variegation distinct , in too much shade they tend to become more green.

My garden is on a south facing slope with virtually no shade


Posted: Today at 10:46

they can be attacked by vine weevil. If they're in pots, have a look inside.


Posted: Yesterday at 09:27

I hope he's making improvements.

A cousin of mine suffered a stroke when he was only 35.


ID please

Posted: Yesterday at 09:04

I'm with Mollis too. 

If you ever decide to move it, make sure you get every bit of root out as they'll shoot.

On the other hand, if you want to propagate it, you can do it easily from root cuttings.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:52

I've got one which did the same this year, but no idea why.

I'm sure it'll be fine and no permanent damage done.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:50

Morning all. 

Back aching from spud lifting and bed mulching in tunnel yesterday. 

Lazy morning I think, before coal face duties at 1pm.

Overcast and quite cool here so might do some watering .

Hope it's not too hot for those who don't like it ,and hope it's hot enough for those who do. 


Posted: 01/07/2015 at 20:10

Lovely morning then it clouded over and we've had torrential downpours this afternoon. 

Didn't mind, good for the garden and the cooler temperatures allowed me to work in the hot tunnel . 

Off for a well earned bath shortly. 

Nighty night.

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