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composting question

Posted: Today at 16:15

if you have a shredder, all the better, if not you can "shred" twiggy stuff by running a lawn mower over it, or just chop with secateurs.

Basically you're looking for a mix of nitrogen, ( grass and leafier stuff) and carbon, from twiggy bits, but also from newspaper and cardboard .

Trial and error and you'll get there.

Happy composting.


Posted: Today at 16:11

I think Breeders' rights are ok. If you made a record, you'd not want folk copying it. It's just a copyright thing and folk can buy the license to raise it for sale. 

You're allowed to propagate it for yourself, just not to sell.

composting question

Posted: Today at 16:06

I'd chuck in newspaper and cardboard too and anything chunkier and twiggier too. 

Neighbours tree

Posted: Today at 14:59

as a general rule, if it overhangs, you can cut it but you must offer it back. 

However, if you're in  a conservation area , or there is a Tree Preservation Order on it, that's different. Call the council and ask for the Aroboricultural Officer to find out.

2x plant ids please

Posted: Today at 14:53

never , nutcutlet, never. We just got there sooner. 

Neighbours tree

Posted: Today at 14:52

Oaks have a tendency to lose limbs too. Sudden limb drop, or branch drop . I've seen a few trees which have "had it"


Posted: Today at 14:45

I remember when Potentilla Red Ace was introduced as the first "red". It had Breeders' Rights and there was a chase through the old marquee at Chelsea after someone took a cutting.

Turns out it was a staged publicity stunt, but it sure worked.

Neighbours tree

Posted: Today at 14:41

Has anyone ever demanded Masterchef has a disclaimer reminding folk that those scary knives are sharp and you might cut yourself?

Rainwater collection/ stagnant water

Posted: Today at 14:40

your body is full of bacteria, otherwise your food wouldn't digest, 

If you're paranoid, wear rubber gloves, a face mask and tip it over with a very long stick. 

You'll survive, honest.

Very unusual plant

Posted: Today at 14:32

Lyn gave me some of her seed earlier this year and they've germinated well. I have about 20 in the cool tunnel and I'll plat them out next year, AND sow more seed.

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