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Peace Lily HELP!

Posted: Yesterday at 19:07

unless it has massive sentimental quality, I'd get rid and buy another.

Sickly looking sedum

Posted: Yesterday at 19:03

it does  indeed look poorly, but I've no idea what the problem is. Sorry.



Posted: Yesterday at 19:02

I'd persist with roundup .

Can anyone name this plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:01

indeed they do take some digging out. Good luck. tee hee

Tree Dahlia

Posted: Yesterday at 19:00

mine hasn't flowered ( yet ) but the foliage is very dramatic. I read that Cambridge Botanics had one in flower last year after the long hot summer. I'm guessing leaving it in the ground over winter by a south facing wall in good free draining soil would be the best site.

Angela, they come from seed very easily.

Can anyone name this plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 09:12

it spreads by underground runners and can quickly become a flippin nuisance if not kept under control.

Tree Dahlia

Posted: 29/09/2014 at 18:29

tree dahlia, Dahlia Imperialis can grow to 6m, yes metres tall. I lifted most of mine last year as we have heavy clay soil in North Devon. About half those I left in the ground  survived.I'd say if you have good free draining soil you could leave them in the groung. They are massive beasts to get out of the ground. I brought the seed back fromTamil Nadu in Southern India and they germinated with almost 100% success.

Overwintering Potted Buxus

Posted: 26/09/2014 at 08:20

the the plants are wider than the pots, be aware that a lot of rain will run off the foliage and not get to the soil, Check regularly, even after rain.

corkscrew hazel

Posted: 26/09/2014 at 08:18

As they're grafted, they're inclined to send up straight suckers, so watch out for those too.

corkscrew hazel

Posted: 26/09/2014 at 08:17

Spring is the best time. and you get to see the corkscrew over the Winter.

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