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what's plants do you have in your greenhouse right now.

Posted: 20/09/2014 at 02:29

One small stapelia in flower, plus lots of flies, one larger stapelia with two buds about to come into flower.

Plant ID quizzes

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 08:10

Brilliant!  I'm relieved to say I did quite well in the houseplant questions!


Posted: 08/09/2014 at 20:17



Posted: 08/09/2014 at 20:12

Found in my cold frame this afternoon, a big-eyed horny caterpillar (elephant hawk moth)  - and I couldn't believe my eyes.  It was absolutely beautiful, stunning.  I'm trying to upload my photo without much success at the moment but will keep trying.


Anyone knows what is this yellow-leaf plant?

Posted: 05/07/2014 at 08:38

I just wonder if it's a croton.  If you look that up the leaves in some of the photos do look similar, substantial and waxy and some with a similar shape.  A possibility anyway!  

Pansies all wilting :-(

Posted: 19/06/2014 at 23:04

If they came straight out of the soil with little root it's very likely vine weevil.  Dig deeper in the pot and you'll probably find the nasty things.  Throw it all away - but not on to the compost heap!

getting those plants in before the storm

Posted: 28/10/2013 at 03:00

It certainly isn't now!  It's really getting going.


Posted: 18/10/2013 at 07:05

- but doesn't chilli powder keep the birds away too?


Posted: 10/08/2013 at 06:18

Thank you so much for that, I've written down the name so never to be forgotten!  I also thought hibiscus but the petals are a little more floppy.  I'd love one here too but I have to keep an eye on it via Skype!  Thank you.


Posted: 09/08/2013 at 18:02


Can anyone out there identify this for me please?  This is an shrub growing in Melbourne in my daughter's yard and I picked this in September, so their winter.  I haven't been able to find anything in books or on sites.  

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