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Talkback: Growing salad crops

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 23:43
Adam, Thanks for the input on the different types of lettece varitys that are avalible. I like to learn from other people instead of trial and error. I'm going to get some of these types of lettece and I will let you know how it grows. I'm growing in pots like you are but I use fabric pots along with a hydroponic water system. I found the system on www.oxygenpotsystems.com So far this year with my new system I have had a much easier growing experience. This fabric pot system is making planting easy because it picks the plants off the ground and I hope it makes harvesting easier like harvesting potatos and carrots. O yea this system allows you to grow in whatever type of medium you want to use. What medium do you recomend for lettece. I can use soil, coco, perlite, or hydrotone.

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