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Ooh ooh so excited!

Posted: 25/04/2012 at 19:44

I'm really excited this year too - FINALLY got to plant up both a Hot border and a cool border with plants I've been propagating and nursing for a few years. 

You're so right about getting the anchors in place - the things which don't like to be moved or which will mature to greater hights went in first, then the stuff that will grow to bigger clumps and are already quite mature but which can stand dividing in a couple of years, and finally the thinkgs which are easy to propagate and move anytime, like aquilegias and foxgloves.

Managed to get the last lot in 2 weekends ago before the rain started which I'm very pleased about - but now I'm soooo impatient for summer!

Then next year I can do as figrat says and thread grasses through - just need to let it settle in for a season I think.

How would this stipa cope in the wet/coldish north west?

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 25/04/2012 at 19:36

In Cheshire my sunflowers are desperate to get planted out but they're taking a battering even in the vold frame.  I'm not so worried about the rain or even the wind but those sudden fierce hail storms are a killer!

lilly of the valleys

Posted: 25/04/2012 at 19:33

Agree with that - I did it last year and they've come up lovely this year

Green Bug-Nasties on the Pea Family

Posted: 27/02/2012 at 08:10

I rescued some lupins from a 'garden'centre' last year but imorted a bug. It's pale green, squishy body, flightless and I think the early stage is tiny long & white

When I repotted them I washed the roots and leaves to get rid of them, but they not only came back on the Lupins but also infested my sweetpeas at the other end of the garden - never had anything other than the occasional freenfly on those before.

I've aquired a number of other lupins and overwintered them in a cold-frame - but now they've got the bug too.  I really want to get rid of them before I plant them out.

What are they and what can I do? 

How long to leave manure on the soil before planting

Posted: 27/02/2012 at 08:03

I'm hopeful of getting some well rotted stuff - over a year old - so the acidity shouldn't be a problem. 

Stephaniejane - what soil conditioner did you use?

How long to leave manure on the soil before planting

Posted: 24/02/2012 at 15:28

I've prepared my new herbaceous borders and have all my plants potted up (very thankful it was a mild winter!).  To give everything a good start, I want to lay manure on top of the soil and let the worms do their work but I also want to get the plants in as early as possible.

Any tips for how long I need to leave it before planting?

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