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Posted: 05/10/2012 at 09:04

To 4711 -be very  careful about storing garlic in oil. Commercial products are treated by acidification to prevent the possibility of Botulinum toxin being generated in the stored product. Simply putting garlic cloves into olive oil may result in the production of this toxin which is very hazardous to health. Advice is usually to store in vinegar rather than oil, or if you must have home-made garlic oil, just make a small amount for use  right away. You should find lots of advice online about this.

Garlic is pricier from the garden centre since that is designed for planting out. Garlic in supermarkets may have been stored in a way that will prevent it growing well or it may not be suited for the British climate.If you do grow some garlic maybe try the varieties that store well (usually termed hard necked). After harvest I keep the garlic in an airy cool place and find that it lasts from August right through to about May the next year. Then you can get lovely garlic whenever you want and use it any way you like!


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