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April in Your Garden

Posted: 30/04/2012 at 15:49

Hello,all--it's a gloomy wet morning here-I envy you your sunshine. Have got the fire going, as everything feels damp, and the forecast shows no sun until later in the week.So jobs like cleaning the gutters,and strimming the grass/weeds are on hold. Ditto with mortaring the retaining wall.

Might troll thru my photos for some before and after shots.

April in Your Garden

Posted: 30/04/2012 at 00:23

KG, love the photos-that is a wonderful border, and now just the right amount of lawn, if you need to have one! Yvieh, the strawbs look fab--very similar to mine, which I potted up just before you--not bare root, though. And I am thousands of miles away.

Didn't do a lot today except finish up the tomato bed and move things out of the greenhouse.

Eddie, I realise what an enormous amount of work it is to clean up after having large trees like that removed. I am still working on my west garden, except it is not accessible to equipment--too steep. Guess I should do some "Before" photos, although it's a bit late.

Yvieh-volunteer firewood is a GOOD thing!

April in Your Garden

Posted: 29/04/2012 at 19:46


April in Your Garden

Posted: 29/04/2012 at 18:26

Lovely photos--I really enjoy the before and after shots.

Eddie you are making me tired--but it sounds like a productive day!

Here it is about 10:30 am- grey and not promising. Not cold, so I have moved my tomatoes outside-except for the ones I will grow on in the greenhouse.My geraniums are on the deck as well. The tomato enclosure only needs gate hooks now-two sides have removable panels-it's a 4x8 bed in which I grow things in pots. I tried filling it with soil in the past, but it is surrounded by trees and the roots invade no matter what. So we'll see how this goes.Bread is made and housework done. Time for a good book.

April in Your Garden

Posted: 28/04/2012 at 15:01

Good morning, everyone-looking rather grey out there at just after 6 am---the plan today is to buy a new wheelbarrow, and to put the netting up around my tomato bed to keep the deer out.Finger still swollen, but not painful-thanks for your concern.

Here I live in the slug capital of the world--the native ones are the banana slugs, which are huge--but we also have a non-native invasion of black ones. The ones that do the most damage, though are the little grey ones. They are most active in my garden now, as it's wet, green and lush. In the summer its too dry.I dispatch any large ones I find, but mostly I leave it to the birds.

April in Your Garden

Posted: 27/04/2012 at 22:25

What an enormous amount of work, Wintersong, but so worth it! Soil improvement is always a work in progress, but always satisfying. Your veg plots look fab, and  I look forward to pics of the new beds. You must be knackered--put your feet up, and have a well-earned glass-you deserve it!

April in Your Garden

Posted: 27/04/2012 at 17:06

I commiserate about the rabbits-it's heartbreaking to wake up to see your gardening efforts destroyed. Here it is deer---some plants are supposed to be deer-resistant, but in my experience they will eat anything if they are hungry enough-they have even sampled rhubarb leaves! I have learned that a tall fence is the only solution.

April in Your Garden

Posted: 27/04/2012 at 14:34

Thanks, Kate--it's black and blue and really swollen,but it's bearable unless I knock it.

Projects will be on hold for a day or two.I love sedums as well--never had a problem with vine weevil---but I have many birds in my garden, so perhaps that's why.It's almost tent caterpillar season here, and signs are that it will be a bad year for them. No sign here--yet.They love roses and fruit trees especially.

April in Your Garden

Posted: 27/04/2012 at 00:47

Wonderful photos--and quite inspiring.

Just managed to give my pinky finger a healthy whack with the hammer while building a deer-proof enclosure for my tomatoes-medicated immediately with ice and vodka, so at present feeling no pain. Guess tomorrow's another day for that project! Luckily it's my left hand.

April in Your Garden

Posted: 26/04/2012 at 20:00

Woops- I meant an embarassment of echiveras, of course.

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