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Mildew/Red spider mite

Posted: 20/08/2012 at 07:58

When I've had PM - or my cukes have had it, anyway - it manifests as, literally, powdery rather than blotches. You might have something other than PM. Here's the sort of thing I usually see:


Mildew/Red spider mite

Posted: 19/08/2012 at 14:32

Does sound odd. Are you sure they're both PM and red spider mite?


whats wrong with my tomatoes

Posted: 19/08/2012 at 10:54

Most likely there's nothing wrong with them, filmbuffy. They're changing colour on the way to maturity. Most toms mature from bottom to top, hence the shoulders are the last to change.

If the shoulders remain green:

Green shoulders can be a variety trait. What's the variety?

Shoulders that don't fully ripen - and, for that matter, uneven ripening in general - can also be a sign of toms getting a bit too warm in direct sunlight.

black peppers

Posted: 19/08/2012 at 08:03

Can you post a photo? If it's not mould or disease, it could be that it's actually a black variety. It wouldn't be the first time a wrong seed was planted. They can come in all sorts of colours - brown, black, purple. If a black, left to mature on the plant, it will eventually turn green.



Posted: 18/08/2012 at 13:19

Presumably there were drainage holes. The roots will absorb moisture though there's a limit to how much. They will only take what the plant needs but, if there's excess moisture, they will just sit there wet and with every likelihood of drowning and rotting.

It's always a good idea to clean tomato pots between growing seasons anyway. A good scrub with a 1:10 bleach solution will do the job. Wear gloves!


Posted: 17/08/2012 at 16:23

But in response to Janet, I agree with Dove about letting the spears grow. I'm still getting spears popping up. Let them nourish the crown below for next season, chop them down with everything else when it all turns brown in winter.


Posted: 17/08/2012 at 16:20

And now you join the gang against me.


Posted: 17/08/2012 at 15:58

I'm itching to yank the one female asparagus plant in my bed. Stupid scrawny thing it is, dropping its stupid berries that turn into weeds. My wife won't let me. I'm being ganged up on.

Controling Pumpkins

Posted: 17/08/2012 at 15:54

Taking off the growing tips when the main vine is about 10' long is also claimed to be one of the tricks to encourage female flowers. Every pumpkin grower knows the frustration of a zillion male flowers and few - or no - female flowers. Theory has it that the side shoots that develop after removing the growing tip will bear female flowers.

If only it were so simple ...


Dying Tomato Plants

Posted: 17/08/2012 at 15:50

Martyn, it could be fungal or a wilt. Hard to know without seeing a photo. How does the foliage look? It's rare for disease only to manifest on the stems.

And could you cut off a section of diseased stem, slice it open and have a look inside? Some diseases attack the plant internally and there will be evidence.

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