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Talkback: Top 10 plants for a dream garden

Posted: 10/07/2013 at 05:12
Geum Mrs Bradshaw which, with its wondeful scarlet flowers on long stems just goes on and cheefully on all summer! Mine is in its second year and just gets better.

unwanted grass

Posted: 02/07/2013 at 06:36

I fear that my small lawn was seeded with a grass seed which contained ?couch grass!  When I took over the house six years ago the lawn grass was four foot high and had to be strimmed.  Since then, although the lawn looks fine, couch grass has invaded the borders too.  I have tried glyphosate, digging it out, removing plants over winter etc.  Every summer up it comes again.

Is the answer to kill off the lawn (I assume the runners are under it) and re seed or turf it?   Help!!  Jane

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