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Talkback: Ants

Posted: 12/08/2012 at 12:16

My grand daughter loved the red rum joke. She read it to her grand dad.


Posted: 10/06/2012 at 11:46

Could be eaten by slugs. Slugs eat every thing in my garden. Or did. I am afraid husband has declared war on them this year! He couldn't stand seeing me so upset when all my plants were eaten every year so far. A bearded iris we planted at the edge of our pond with feet in water did brilliantly.I though it was a common purple one when we planted it last year, but turned out to be  a large cream/white one. Monty would have been proud!

Talkback: Top 10 plants for containers

Posted: 10/06/2012 at 11:31

To stop the vine weevils, I usually find an old hanky of my husbands (no wonder he is always wanting some for Chmas) and place it at the bottom across the hole. As they are cotton it still allows moisture out, but should stop weevils getting in. I read in Gardeners World mag that to lift them off the ground slightly, as the beetles can't fly or climb. Having said that on emptying a rose I had had in a pot for 3 years, The soil was riddled with the grubs, pure white c shaped maggots with black noses. I was amazed at how many!

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 05/06/2012 at 12:29

Hey, guess what guys and gals......It's raining here in Tiverton as well. My fault, I took the electric blanket off again. Did it once before in May, and had to put it back on. Sun shone. Took it off rain and cold! It'll go back on again soon, honest kids and we''ll get the sun back. Thank God I bullied my husband into planting his planters Sunday. I was fed up with trying to keep his annuals alive in my plastic greenhouses, and seeing those slugs eating my hard work! Iam more into hardened perrenials and shrubs myself. Done veg years ago, haven't got the time or back to do them now.

Shrinking Violet  ahouse has come up for sale opposite me. We have a 100' garden at the back, their's may not be quite so long.

Suggestions for a bit of privacy...

Posted: 25/05/2012 at 22:03

So you're not thinking of just a single shrub as I have visualized. A mixed hedge woud be lovely. Again mix the shrubs.Holly, beech, berberis,Sloe (vicious thorns, but berries to add to gin! But never tried it myself, before you visualize a lush!)Hawthorn, white and/or pink flowers, favourite of all the birds. BUT rather sharp and prickly if and when you prune it. Moss roses, choysia the list goes on. Please DON't put Leylandii in. Nightmare scenario and will block everything out including any view.

Suggestions for a bit of privacy...

Posted: 25/05/2012 at 16:21

Wow where do I start.So many plants/shrubs/climbers to choose from. A bit of advise someone gave me. Go and look around an establshed garden, National Trust,RHS place at all seasons, and see what appeals to you.What colour do you like? purple, silver green lime foliage even variagated. Does it flower and when. Do you want to encourage wild life/birds, so look for berries and leaves all year. Scented or not. Ask gardeners at these places any questions you may have. Don't be in any rush, enjoy the looking and buying. Buy them at a well established place, beware online, as you can't see the quality of plant or whether they have a disease or insects on them.

Poor little weeping minature cherry tree

Posted: 24/05/2012 at 22:27

Thanks. At last someone in agreement with what I have said a couple of times on this forum. The problem arrived on a young internet buy Apricot tree with us. Now my 5 year old almond is nearly dead from it. Was planted within a few yards of the Apricot.  You have scared me now, as we have 2 miniature cherry trees in the garden. Some distance away admittedly. Will it attack a miniature weeping willow please, as that is the nearest to the affected site, and will it spread through bark under these affected trees?

My cherry tree has red lumps on them

Posted: 24/05/2012 at 16:13

Mmmmm Sounds like the problem we have at the end of our garden. As per another answer, my husband bought an Apricot tree offline. This red resin appeared on that "gooed/dripped red honey" everywhere, and then eventually died. I really hoped it hadn't affected our 5 year old, fully nutting almond tree, but 2 years down the line, it looks as though that will have to go as well, as it is going the same way. Like you I couldn't find out what it was. BUT I now think it may be a form of canker. Advise reads "cut it out, paint on an anti canker paint, and put something around the lower` trunk every winter2, but can't remember what. Sorry. Me I am just going to cut down, clear bark from under the tree, and totally redo the whole area for safety. So many trees,so little garden and time to grow them in!


Posted: 24/05/2012 at 15:36

Slugs ate my Bay and Skimmia bushes, and you know how leathery their leaves can be. They will eat anything. I have tried all the usual self remedies, and now won't grow the real slug aperitifs.Anything annual that my husband wants to grow are in pots with inches of sharp grit. Don't do veg any more.

ID of plant growing EVERYWHERE!

Posted: 24/05/2012 at 15:29

Isn't Rosebay Willow herb supposed to be getting more scarce in the wild? Meadowsweet is my favourite wildplant. Friends gave me a cutting from their meadow years ago, and now I have clumps in my garden.Love it the smell the fluffy heads. Grows beside the pond, in the shade of a well established camellia bush and interspersed with fennel. Heaven on green and white clouds.

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