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GW Presenters

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 13:06

Agree- and gardeners tend to be more reserved and pragmatic.Sport is fine in it's place, but it should hgave it's OWN place and not just make GW 'shove over' to accomodate it! what's wrong with killing off Eastenders for the duration? cue email to BBC prog.planners...........................

Talkback: How to lift and divide hostas

Posted: 24/06/2012 at 11:06
I divide my Hostas all the time, always have.you don't need to be precious at all with them, I generally cut the clump up into chunks either at first sight of shoots in spring, or after dieback although I think best to do this in Spring as it gives new clumps time to establish before harsh weather sets in they also love a damp area with rich soil, plenty of moisture sets them off, if they droop just drench them to revive, they're very tough.true all you need is even one shoot attached with a fleshy root and Hosta will establish itself freely,they are wonderful plants that pop up every year and give a luscious and spectacular display,I love them!

Talkback: Growing lupins

Posted: 24/06/2012 at 11:00
that seems a really good idea, i also get seed pods way before the spikes have completed their bloom.will try this in future thanks

Talkback: Growing lupins

Posted: 24/06/2012 at 10:59
I've had Lupins almost every year for the past 12 years and each year they either a. get eaten alive before they flower b.get drowned and blown to pieces by the Northern Winds and Summer monsoons... [Chorley Lancs].last year I had some fab blooms, but this year-they've completely disappeared!! never grew back after Winter, and new ones I've planted have not thrived, they're weakly with few and tiny flower spikes.Maybe the wettest Summer and coldest temps. are to blame but I never get significant and SUSTAINED success-and I do love them so!

GW Presenters

Posted: 24/06/2012 at 10:52

three guessess?!?!?!?

Gardeners World - not back for 4 weeks!

Posted: 24/06/2012 at 10:46

I agree to that idea- I sometimes watch a drawing and painting channel as I do like to do some botanical art- and no- we don't have to sit in front of the telly I'm sure we all agree that watching in the dead of Winter or on a day we cannot access the garden will be a treat! I can watch gardening progs any old time,and I'm sure the BBC could manage to scrap some of the inane rubbish they air to accomodate a weekly gardner's world eh?

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