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urban gardening and cat poop

Posted: 18/12/2012 at 08:02

How do other urban gardeners deal with it?  There are 3 mad cat ladies in my street, I'm one so some of the cats are mine, but most of the cats in the neighborhood are using my garden as a toilet.

I have a small, partially shaded urban garden which is on clay and builders rubble.  I had my patio extended and some paths put down to make it easier for me to manage and new soil put down earlier this year.  Whilst I have spent a lot of money on plants, they don't seem to fill an awful lot of space, and as fast as I have planted the slugs have moved in and chomped their way through things.  All the bare soil has been an invitation to the cats...  I hope that all the GW offers I have taken up (the lavenders and perennials) will cover more ground next season.

What is the best was to deal with the cat poop?  I had invested in a dog loo that was burried at the bottom of the garden, but there was so much poop it silted up within a couple of months.  I'm currently considering composting it - not in my compost bins, but in a separate system as I had seen dog poop composters.  My aim is to manage the quantity, there is so much of it  and make it easier to "handle" before getting rid of it, rather than produce a prduct to go in my garden.

All ideas welcome, so long as they do not involve cruelty to cats.

Composting through the winter?

Posted: 18/12/2012 at 00:14

I also have lots of animal waste - our 2 guinea pigs produce poop all year round, but it is so much slower in the winter.  I have just bought some beasties from Wiggly Wigglers to help chomp though it all over the winter - they seem to have settled in well.  but I have just started to fill my third compost bin with piggie poop, I hope to be able to do away with one of my bins if the worms are succesfu asl I only have a small garden.

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urban gardening and cat poop

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