Jaxx has reviewed 3 plants

Pyracantha 'Mohave' Firethorn

Posted: 02 March 2012
Overall: I think pyracantha can look fantastic when more than one cultivar is grown together so you have a mix of different colour berries. Best trained two dimensionally against a wall for maximum effect. Great for boundaries in terms of security - older plants, if allowed to become large, have lethal spines so gloves are needed when pruning. take care when pruning not to prune out the flowering wood otherwise no berries will be seen (flowers on shoots produced the previous year). Once berries have formed you can prune away any growth obstructing the view of the berries. Great plant, easy care although some scab can need to be pruned away. Fireblight can be an issue as this plant is a member of the Rosaceae family so don't plant where fireblight has been a problem before with cotoneaster, pears etc..

Clematis armandii Clematis

Posted: 02 March 2012
Overall: A nice plant but quite a monster in terms of growth so it needs to be placed somewhere where it can happily romp away. The downside is the brown leaves caused by frost damage. Good fragrance but doesn't always look its best due to the frost.

Chimonanthus praecox 'Luteus' Wintersweet

Posted: 01 March 2012
Overall: My chimonanthus is growing in quite free draining soil and is so far doing well. It's in its 3rd year and seems to have established now as it's produced more flowers this year. The scent is lovely in the winter but the plant is fairly no descript for the rest of the year....a good one to grow a clematis through perhaps!