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Carniverous Plants

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 13:22

Geoff - you've just aquired some of my favourite plants ! I love my little carnivores. I've got a venus, a pitcher and a sundew . I stand mine in a tray of rainwater and have no problems at all. They like to be exposed to at least six hours of sunlight a day (haha ) failing that somewhere very bright or they will lose colouration. There are many types of pitchers and the ones on sale are usually the smaller species . You can put them in a terranium but if they are standing in rainwater they can suck it up when they need it plus it has the added attraction of luring midges etc to the plant . If there are not many flies around I feed mine with ones I've captured previously (gross I know !) Also beware of touching the pitchers with your hands as I have read that the oil on your skin can kill them. Alina's right about re-potting - they should be fine for at least 2 years. Have a look on the carnivorous plant society website - there 's loads of info on it. 40p??  Wish I went to that shop.

Tree sparrows & house sparrows.

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 13:01

Hahaha ! Think you mean business - must admit I'ld be thinking along the same lines.Sounds like the start of a plan.

Lancashire skies.

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 09:22

Think the mother ship may be coming - there a big grey cloud now !!!!

Lancashire skies.

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 09:12

OMG - invasion !!!

Lancashire skies.

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 08:48

Could anybody please explain what this round yellow thing is in the sky ? It's very bright and appears to be emitting some sort of heat. There are strange white fluffy things around it and it's hurting my eyes. Has this phenomenon occurred anywhere else in the country or shall I 'phone the M.O.D. headquarters immediately ?

Tree sparrows & house sparrows.

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 08:11

Thanks for that everyone . Well they're all back this morning - there's some sort of sparrow-fest going on out there . Allymic, had a look on website and think there's a mixture of both .Been out in garden this morning in jim jams with binoculars , ( neighbours will be thinking I've lost the plot ! ) and had a good look at them and they are all in the birch making a racket . FloBear , we do have dunnocks but I recognise them scavenging around on the lawn. Feel really sorry for Tina5 what a good idea - stuff the birds and lets get a trampoline .  Good job they don't live near me - think I may have turned into a night slasher  ! Love my birdies .

Tree sparrows & house sparrows.

Posted: 04/07/2012 at 12:13

I've been watching our feathered friends this morning and we seem to have had an influx of sparrows - loads of them. I remember not long ago reading that they were in decline but have noticed there's a lot more about this year. My question being how do you tell if they're tree or house sparrows ? We live near woodland so I would be inclined to think '' tree'' but to be honest I looked in my bird book and they both look pretty similar . Is it just me or does there seem a lot more about ?

Sickly plants ? Try asprin.

Posted: 04/07/2012 at 11:46

Meant to mention if you do this, pour the solution directly on to the roots - don't use as a foliar feed . Nearly everything in my garden looks sad at the mo because of the rain except funnily enough, the grass, which is a marvellous shade of green ! However - got plenty of rainwater for my carnivorous plants . Enough to keep them happy for several years I think ! Speaking of which here it comes again.

Is it ever going to STOP!!!!

Posted: 02/07/2012 at 18:18

Maybe they should change the olympic theme to something biblical - maybe Noah perhaps ?

Sickly plants ? Try asprin.

Posted: 02/07/2012 at 18:14

It didn't work for me today. So much to do in the garden and nothing but rain , rain and more rain ! Gave myself a headache stressing about what needs doing - halfway through planting a new border , more climbers need tying in , cant get out to do anything as it's really heavy here in Lancashire and worst of all rain = slugs ! I hate the blighters ! Sorry for rambling on it's really getting me down !

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