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Talkback: Mullein moth

Posted: 03/07/2013 at 15:25
I agree. This is a most beautiful moth and caterpillar and is very important as a pollinator and an utterly harmless species. I would be very happy for it to feed off of my mullein & buddleia in my garden. You have to remember that moths are also pollinators and I would be proud for it to be in my garden. I cannot believe that you recommend zapping it. Destroying it would defeat the purpose of a wildlife friendly garden (after all why would you grow these plants if not to attract wildlife) My garden is beautiful and wild and is there to attract wild creatures not to have a sterile environment. Get real chaps and stop recommending such destructive measures, we should not dominate every part of the world & you should take a more responsible remit to encourage such wonderful species. Do we need to destroy everything?!
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