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secret/majestic garden design

Posted: 17/11/2013 at 19:22

Hi, I have a garden that is on 5 different levels gradually going up a slop. It already has a number of mature trees, shrubs and erm.. things. I moved in 2 months ago and have since been on a rescue mission as the garden was neglected for a long time.

I love the fact that it has this secret garden/majestic feel to it. 2/3 of it doesn't even have grass on it instead various ferns, bells, other small plants, mosses and of course ivy. Which interestingly they all seem to be getting on fine on the ground. Though the ivy that grows up the trees (a different Ivy then the one on the ground) had to come off the trees and did claim some completely (my big yew and oak..)

The final part at the end is one open area after the great bramble battle (and I mean great it was 2 feet taller than me and my shears..). I wrote a previous post of my mistake in purchasing a weeping willow only to discover a sewer pipe runs through this part. I want to keep or have something that will go with the rest of the winding garden. It is the end point. Any suggestions on some small trees, bushes, shrubs.. anything that weeps would be lovely.. I love that ideal of standing by the trunk and having the leaves come down like curtains... or even smaller bushes and flowers that have that feel to it. part of it is in complete sun, the other part is patchy (through the big trees canopy) and then there a strip that is shade.

Also if there is anything that could go between Hazel trees.. going up one side there are mostly mature hazel trees with the odd beech or birch tree and between each set is about 5 feet. Some of the gaps are already filled by various types of hollies, firethorn, hydrangea, etc. I still have 6 gaps though. .

No roses please, the garden is dotted with them everywhere already. Amazing to see where they are growing in someplaces and so beautifully, I thought roses were tricky.. I fear touching them. They seem to be fine by themselves..




Help I made a weeping willow purchasing mistake, can it be potted??

Posted: 16/11/2013 at 21:29

Just moved to area and don't drive. So getting the willow to a guerilla garden difficut, though there is plenty of farmland and I am by the coast. . .

I know nothing about growing trees in pots and bonsaing them. I've heard people mention it is possible to grow big trees in a pot...and I've found some quite big pots for it to eventually go into.. aw bugger sewer system..

For tree potting my questions would be:

how often would I need to repot a tree on average? (with house plants I can tell but a tree is a different thing.)

I know it will need nutrients as the soil will be depleted of it over time, is there any particular type or just something like babybio or mirical grow (though perhaps I do not want it to actually grow so fast when in a pot..)

What and how do I find out more about having to clip the roots is this bonsaing (I thought that was growing small trees from clippings)?

I don't mind the watering. I already have a bamboo and loads of plants in a green house (just not trees) so am use to multiple waterings.



Help I made a weeping willow purchasing mistake, can it be potted??

Posted: 16/11/2013 at 19:21


Ok, stupid mistake.. So I've always wanted a weeping willow. I know they grow to be MASSIVE and that they have big roots which is why it is planted 30meters from my house. I've JUST planted it today (16/11/13) and speaking with my neighbour, she told me about a sewer pipe that runs sraight through my back garden. I've just been through a land search from Southern Water and sure enough, it is there about 15ft from where I just planted my willow!!

Since then I've been scowering the net and time and time again it is all about the damage that the tree roots will do and now I'm really panicing. I love this tree. I did just plant it today. It was in a pot and is about 6ft tall.

There are mature hazel, apple, cypress trees in my garden (big, big) but I'm guessin their roots don't grow like a willow's does?? Other neighbours have big trees.

What can I do? Is there anyway of getting a really, really big pot and it live happily in there? I don't mind any work associated in terms of maintenence, etc. I'll do it all. Otherwise, what do I do? I can't just let it die. I'd rather try a pot method or I'd hate to leave the tree there and find out in 2years it has to come down. How fast do roots grow??

And there is no way to limit root growth I'm guessing. I'm devestated. Any advice.

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