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Apricot malady - can you identify this disease

Posted: 16/05/2017 at 16:15

What is peach leaf curl - a rust? 

Poorly clematis triternata rubromarginata

Posted: 16/05/2017 at 16:13

Poorly clematis triternata rubromarginata

Posted: 16/05/2017 at 16:13

I bought this lovely plant back in March, it was shooting and I cut it back, as advised to do, to encourage lots of new shoots to come out - which they did.

I planted it in at all, large pot - I know it should be in the ground (and hopefully it will be from this autumn when we hope to move house), but I was advised it would do ok in a pot too, so long as it was for only a season and I kept it very well watered and fed.

Which I have done!

I have grown many clematis in my little garden here in London, always pretty successfully, so I am stumped as to why this beauty, which was lush and glorious, with plenty of new shoots and stems, started to wilt away a couple of weeks back.

The soil is new, drainage is good, t has a pot tray, I fed it Vitax when I planted it, it has never dried out. It was thriving then suddenly started to di back, very slowly, one branch at a time.

There are no pests anywhere to be seen (I have seen clematis wilt before and it isn't this). No fungus either. No vine weevil (soil is brand new).

There are only two good stems left and even these are starting to show signs of unhappiness.

Any ideas you clematis experts out there? I'd hate to lose it :-

Sorry about the multiple images - this site always does that to me these days, even though I only downloaded it once!(

Potentilla Fruticosa

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 08:20

Old thread, but I took Dove and others' advice back then, tidied it up in late autumn before frosts, only where it needed it, sometimes never, and it's fine now.

i think it was a combination of pruning in spring and not enough sun, which made mine rebel.

a few years down the line and I finally know my potentillas 

Small Tree I.D.

Posted: 09/05/2017 at 19:16

I agree - especially with acers, as it's precisely that asymmetrical willowiness that I love about them.

Thanks fairy, good to have these tips for when I get one, some day.

Last edited: 09 May 2017 19:16:35

Small Tree I.D.

Posted: 09/05/2017 at 18:17

Thanks Fairygirl - it is just glorious! Do you trim it lightly after flowering?

Small Tree I.D.

Posted: 09/05/2017 at 14:25

Aah! Thank you, yes I'd totally forgotten the name.

Thanks again.

Small Tree I.D.

Posted: 09/05/2017 at 13:59

I see this little tree everywhere in front gardens and it is lovely, particularly in Spring.

What's the name, as I cannot recall it at all and wanted to plant one myself?

Does it need a lot of maintenance to keep that lovely shape?

Thank you.

Unknown bush or tree

Posted: 03/05/2017 at 11:12

Welcome  no idea which type though - goes beyond my knowledge! I'm sure somebody fare more experienced will come along and give you the exact name soon 

Summer plant for a large feature pot

Posted: 03/05/2017 at 09:37

A carex testacea, with its bronze/coppery leaves, with some geum Totally Tangerine growing through it, would look fab too.

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