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Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 08/10/2017 at 14:47

Well there hasn't been much going on in the garden for the past few months now the raised bed & wildlife pond has been finished, except tidying up of course. But we have recently had some trees cut down behind the flats and the timber made available to the locals for firewood. However I came up with a better use for some of the logs and built 3 low level bird feeder tables. Already had it's first visitor...a Greenfinch and that is the first one I've seen in the garden.

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 03/09/2017 at 08:50

Well after thinking I had lost the Camelia It looks like it's making a comeback. I had dug it out of the border and put it in a tub as the plant never flowered very much at all where it was in the clay soil and it was right under a bush and got no sunlight whatsoever (see posting Camelia problem pest). So into a tub with soil and ericaceous compost and things seemed ok until we had a load of windy weather and it got blown about and the roots started working loose. Even after supporting it the weather kept giving it a kick. Weeds had also grown up in the tub so I thought I'd get the whole lot out and do something different. Clearing out the weeds and grasses I noticed buds forming and leaves starting to sprout.

So it was grab a small bag of ericaceous compost when I was getting the bits for finishing off the raised bed/wildlife pond and give it a good mulching with that and see how things go. i still have the problem of something eating the leaves but I will try some of the suggestions that I received in my Camelia problem pest posting.

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 27/08/2017 at 17:04

At last I've been able to get on and get the raised bed and wildlife pond nearly finished. I went out to the garden centre today to get some grasses and the plants for the wildlife pond and although I couldn't get what I wanted I made a start.

First up were the stones to finish off the pond edge and also for the pond itself to act as shelter for pond life and an escape for any animals that fall in. I've already had one sparrow drown in the pond.

First job was to bailout the water in the pond as that had a film of oil on the surface. Next was to wash the stones as they had a layer of dust on them. Then it was finish off placing some of them around the edge to give a bit of shade and also place a few into the pond along with some sand and pebbles.

Next was to get the grass (Stipa Tenuissima) into the raised bed. I had hoped to get a Stipa Arundinacea as well but they garden centre had run out of stock. I wanted to get something to add some different colour.

Lastly it was place the Equisetum into the pond, drop the oxygenator weed I'd been able to get and fill it up. I have had to use tap water to fill it up and over the next few days any chemicals should evaporate off. I will order the extra plants waterstar wort & horn wort, greater pond sedge and a dwarf lily online once the damage is known on my bank balance.

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 12/08/2017 at 14:26

Well I'm afraid there hasn't been anything much going on with the raised bed except for getting some of the plants in the. I haven't been able to finish off the wildlife pond as my washing machine went bang a few weekends back so that cost £210 to replace which took up the little spare cash I do have, my new pay rise (first for 20 years) and also some of my savings. 

But despite the cold and wet weather we've been having I have had some visitors to the garden that I've not seen before.

Meadow Brown on the Spirea

Red Admiral

Peacock on the Buddleja Buzz

Some plant identification please

Posted: 19/07/2017 at 21:07

On saturday I was in Thamesmead doing a favour for the family picking up a chest freezer and I was given a load of plant pots, odds and sods ornaments and this pot with a couple of plants in it. One of them I know is a Crocosmia...but I don't know which one. But I don't know what the other plant is.

Also when I got home from work today I noticed this little flower in a verge of the driveway. Not seen it before and was wondering what it was.

Some bugs of some sort on Geum's

Posted: 06/07/2017 at 21:16

I have noticed on some of my Geums (Blazing Sunset I think) have gained these little yellow/green blobs on them. I think they are some sort of bug or parasite. Can you let me know what they are and if they are harmful to the plant. It hasn't flowered very much but it is the first year it has flowered after being planted about a year & half ago.

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 26/06/2017 at 18:36
chrissieB says:

Noticed your comment re peat free compost - it's not the plant that minds whether or peat free it's the gardener.

Some of us, like Monty, do not use peat based composts as we don't agree with natural peat habitats been destroyed to provide us gardeners with a particular type of product. 

Your lavenders won't care a bit so if money is tight don't use it replacing any more compost but I would encourage you to buy peat-free in future : )

See original post

 Hello ChrissieB and thanks for the comment. I had originally started out with the plan to not use peat based composts as, like you and Monty, I don't like the idea of the peat habitat being destroyed just for us gardeners. And I think it's up to us to push more for peat composts being taken off the market by simply not buying them. This time was a chalk mark up to upstairs neighbours were raving about this particular brand and I did some checking on the internet as well with the same result. It wasn't until I got them back home that I noticed what I'd actually bought...well you live and learn!!!

Lavenders seem to be doing fine and I'll have to get them into bigger pots at some point. Not sure what I'm going to do with all of them though...I haven't got a garden big enough for them. I do have some more large planters on order though.

Oh and I certainly do plan to buy peat free in the future as I want to grow as organically as possible, but rather difficult with the way my upstairs neighbours garden

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 26/06/2017 at 18:26
daffygardener says:

That beautiful planter wouldnt look out of place in many gardens, well done that's brilliant.👍 And I know how hard that will have been to achieve as I garden on heavy clay too. Am looking forward to seeing that one planted up. It should be an inspiration to anyone to achieve something like that. 👏

See original post


Thanks for the comments Daffy. I'm really clueless about making planting schemes etc etc apart from tall plants at the back and smaller at the front. Although watching Gardeners World & Beechgrove you can mix and match sometimes. I have some ideas but will have to place pots around the bed and see what things look like. My problem is not being able to visualize what plants will look like when they get to full size. 

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 25/06/2017 at 09:57

Well the raised bed is now 99% complete. Just need to get some large hand sized stones to go around and some into the wildlife pond. and just need to finish off the small stones around the edge. Then it's get on with the planting. Wildlife pond first...though that will have to wait until next payday in July. Don't know yet if I should paint the capping or leave it the colour it is.

Now I can get on with building the new step across the garden and make an extra planting area. I've abandoned the idea of putting in shelves up the side of the bed for window box planters for the moment. I'll put some planters just along the top to add extra planting space.

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 19:22
josusa47 says:

I'm impressed by your handiwork and your zeal for upcycling.  I hope you use Freecycle?  If not, give it a go.  It's a locally-based online swap shop.  Though in my experience, anything garden-related is snapped up eagerly so you have to respond quickly.

See original post

Thanks for the commet josusa47, and glad you liked the pics. Always into upcycling, especially as I have loads of wood at work, from scrap pallets, that would otherwise be chucked out. I have plans for bird tables & nest boxes, butterfly boxes and various planters. I have used freecycle in the past and got a few things from there but most of the local stuff seems to be kids & baby stuff so I have given up on it a bit.

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