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Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 19:22
josusa47 says:

I'm impressed by your handiwork and your zeal for upcycling.  I hope you use Freecycle?  If not, give it a go.  It's a locally-based online swap shop.  Though in my experience, anything garden-related is snapped up eagerly so you have to respond quickly.

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Thanks for the commet josusa47, and glad you liked the pics. Always into upcycling, especially as I have loads of wood at work, from scrap pallets, that would otherwise be chucked out. I have plans for bird tables & nest boxes, butterfly boxes and various planters. I have used freecycle in the past and got a few things from there but most of the local stuff seems to be kids & baby stuff so I have given up on it a bit.

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 18/06/2017 at 13:40

Well not much done in the garden this weekend, just some tidying up as it is a bit too hot...also I have no money to do anything. But I've chucked out a load of Raspberry plants that I had growing in plastic tubs...they never produced much fruit anyway so they have gone for composting. This has cleared the paving slap area in the back garden. And allowed me to move some of my flower tubs about.

I also laid a couple of half paving slabs by the garden gate so I now don't have to strim this bit...just run the lawn mower over it.

Also while I was out some young Bluetits were having a paddle in the birdbath so a couple of shots of them

A Hypericum curiosity

Posted: 17/06/2017 at 12:56

Not sure if this should be on this section or the problem solving one. But anyway I have what appears to be 2 different varieties of Hypericum in the front & back garden. And I have an odd thing going on. The one in the front garden is always covered in bees...the one in the back garden has never seems to see a bee at all. Now the front garden has a lot of other bee attracting flowers in it and the back garden not really, but that will change once I've got the raised flower bed finished and planted.

I'm assuming they are 2 different varieties as the flowers are different. Here is the one in the front garden.

And here is the one in the back garden

Why is it the bees don't seem to be attracted to the one in the back garden??? Is it because it doesn't produce any nectar or is it just because there isn't much else to attract them into the garden???

Clueless new gardener - Caring for plug plants

Posted: 06/06/2017 at 21:39
Rose tree Cottage says:

Hi there,

Ive just noticed this is an old post. If anyone is still about to identify a few  of my perrinals, I will post a picture. 

I love plants from T&M but I find their labelling challenging and most unhelpful as you don't see label info till you have moved all plugs from spaces, so hence got a bit mixed up. It isn't a great problem until you come to planting and want to get them all in height order in their final locations. Any help would be greatfully received. But not sure if anyone reading this thread now but maybe it will alert people that a new posting has been made.

Many thanks

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 Just found this thread and like me ElectricJo I started as a clueless gardener and it wasn't until I started buying plants and trying to grow them that I started educating myself...I still have huge amounts to learn but i'm enjoying learning.

I find T&M's labelling a bit of an issue as well Rose Tree cottage but most plants I get from them are good. My only beef with them is that sometimes they don't send plants out until Friday on a 2 day service so that means they spend a whole weekend plus a Monday without any water.

I've been getting the special offers from T&M for my raised flower bed & wildlife pond project and it is certainly an inexpensive way of getting lots of plants. I tend to find the best way of sorting the plug plants out when they arrive is to take each type in turn....triple check thinks and do all that without any interuptions from anyone

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 09:22
WonkyWomble says:

Just found this thread. 

Loving your projects and enthusiasm Jet! Your as garden obsessed as me! I spend every waking minute that I'm of at work in the garden too!

Keep posting the pictures, your efforts are rewarding and we are loving seeing the progress! Thanks for sharing!

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 Thanks for the comments Wonky. Not sure about the garden obsessed but it is all my own first garden and it is rewarding to see the fruits of my labour's come up and flower. Also very theraputic to be in the garden, even if it is just filling up the raised bed with soil. Gives me chance to cogitate and think about oter plans for the garden.

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 08:19

Good morning all

Well a sunny morning after last nights rain got me out in the garden to take a few pics of the Peony...finally starting to flower.

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 28/05/2017 at 16:43

Afternoon everyone. Well a bit more work done in the garden this bank holiday weekend but as it's now piddling down with rain I've come indoors to dry off. Any a bit more progress on the raised bed & wildlife pond area. I'm gradually getting it filled up with the old soil/gravel/compost mix and the wildlife pond is now in position on a bed of sand and all I now need to do is back fill so it stays where it is but that will have to wait until next payday and I can get some more bags of sand.

While taking a bit of a break from filling up the raised be I decided to get some plants in some plastic planter tubs bought for me as a Christmas present. Up until now they have been used to store the soil I'd been digging out for the raised bed.

The fist one is the largest now with a Buddliea Buzz Velvet Red, Geum Red Wings and a couple of Coreopsis Golden Joys planted in it.

Next is a medium sized one with another Buddliea Buzz...Sky Blue this time and a Geranium that I had knocking about in an old pot doing nothing.

 I'm not sure which Geranium variety it is but it does have deep pink flowers. 

The last one is a pot I rescued out of a skip a couple of years ago. I've now got a Lavender in it with some Armeria's. I had a load of Lavender plug plants turn up from T&M so potted them up in peat based compost...only for Monty Don to advise you should always plant Lavenders in peat free compost so I popped out today to get some peat free and get at least one of into a pot.

Crockham Hill garden goings on

Posted: 20/05/2017 at 08:10

Good morning all. After several days of rain it's dawned bright and sunny today so I've had a wander about the front garden to see if anything needs to be done. Everything seems to be getting on with growing now that we have had a good drink of rain and now sunshine and some warmth...although this morning felt rather autumnal.

I thought I'd give an update on the front garden today, nothing much is being done to the front for the moment except keep things tidy but one thing I did want to show was the plant supports I built for one of the front garden borders. 

Recycled out of scrap wooden crates...the sort that paving slabs get delivered in, I screwed them together to look like sheep hurdles, purchased some Chestnut posts to keep the rustic/rural look and placed them into the border where last year a lot of the tall plants, Peonies, Oxeye Daisies had been blown to destruction after some stormy spring weather.

So here is what they looked like when first installed last autumn

And now the plants have started growing up through and around them

Is this what farmers call black grass?

Posted: 07/05/2017 at 09:57
Dovefromabove says:

No, that's Carex pendula 

The Black Grass that farmers have problems with (and which is developing a resistance to herbicides) is this one 

which is an annual weed. 

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 Thanks for that Dove, I did do a search on the internet for pictures and the seed heads did look similar which made me wonder. At least now I can use it in the garden somewhere.

Is this what farmers call black grass?

Posted: 07/05/2017 at 09:36

I've had this growing in a part of my back garden for a few years now but I'm wondering if this is what farmers call black grass. I understand that it causes them a lot of problems in their cereal crops.

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